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The Best Slide Boards for Baseball Players at UltraSlide

Padres Slidebaord

The game of baseball is a game of inches. Small advantages or differences in skill can lead to great plays and, ultimately, stunning wins. That is why we are always looking to help players improve their baseball game with UltraSlide slide boards, and here are the best lateral trainers to do just that. UltraSlide 5…

The Best Slideboards for Hockey Training — With Help from UltraSlide

hockey slideboards

Hockey is an incredibly competitive sport, and it’s important to get everything out of your training that you can. Our UltraSlide slideboards can help you while you’re off the court to maximize your performance on the court, but not every slideboard is identical. Take a look at the best slideboards for hockey training, and found…

The Best Reasons to Invest in a Lateral Slideboard

Man on ultraslide

Lateral trainers are simple and easy to use tools that are perfect for physical therapy, sports performance, or fitness exercises. Here are just a few of the best reasons to invest in a professional-grade slideboard from UltraSlide and get the most out of your exercise regiment. 1. They are Versatile Whether you’re training for hockey,…