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What Are Slide Boards Used For?

exercise slideboard

UltraSlide slideboards are versatile pieces of equipment, used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, trainers, coaches, and physical therapists around the world. Popular for the lateral training, agility, and core stabilizing benefits their use provides, slideboards can be used by anyone seeking an effective workout. Slideboards offer endless possibilities for use by individuals seeking results in fitness,…

Five Moves for a Lower Body Slideboard Workout

Slideboard Workout Exercise

Leg day is often dreaded in a week’s lineup of workouts. Exercises targeting the large muscle groups found in our legs typically involve challenging movements and heavy lifting, and recovery can be uncomfortable as leg muscles come back from fatigue. Lower body exercises with UltraSlide slideboards can be a fun way to add variety to…

How Slideboards Help Golfers Prepare for Golf Season

Golfer preparing to hit ball

As sunny days and warmer temperatures approach, many golfers are itching to hit the links and their driving ranges and enjoy and improve upon their game. Strengthening and conditioning their bodies is the best way for golfers to ensure they are prepared to play their best and that they avoid injury as they dive back…