How Slide Boards Help Goalies Train to Perform

Hockey Goalie Slideboard

The physical demands of a goalkeeper are different than those of their teammates. While players on the ice or field need endurance, agility, and the ability to move quickly throughout a game, what is required of a goalie to perform in their positions successfully is unique. Training with an UltraSlide helps goalies to navigate fast…

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5 Slide Board Exercises for Hockey Players

Hockey Slideboard

An UltraSlide is the ideal training tool for ice hockey players. The slide board mimics the conditions of a hockey rink, and thanks to its slick surface and lateral structure, hockey players are able to imitate skating and carry out training at home, in a training facility, or even in a back yard if weather…

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Training for Spring Sports with a Slide Board

Baseball Slideboard

As temperatures drop and much of the U.S. enters the coldest months of the year, exercise routines are altered and adjusted to accommodate the icy conditions outside. For athletes preparing for Spring, outdoor sports, continuing training efforts during the chilly off-season is crucial to their success when warm weather returns, and competition begins. Using a…

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Why Slide Boards are Great for Home Workouts

exercise slideboard

As January quickly approaches, many will be making plans and setting goals for healthy and active lifestyles in 2020. While there are endless options for gyms and fitness facilities where you can carry out your resolutions, working out at home can be the best way get into a new habit of exercising or building onto…

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Getting Started with a Slide Board

slideboard UltraSlide

Getting Started with a Slide Board Do you have access to a new UltraSlide at your gym or training or facility, or perhaps one you’ve purchased for your home? Congratulations! You’re now able to add variety to your workouts, challenge your muscles in new ways, and have fun with exercise. If haven’t used a slide…

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How Slide Board Exercise Can Help with Weight Loss

Fitness and weight loss tend to be popular topics at this time of year as many are making their New Year resolutions. Losing excess pounds with healthy habits such as regular exercise and balanced nutrition can produce many benefits, including lower cholesterol, decreased chances of diabetes, improved mobility, and a lower risk of heart disease,…

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Muscles that Benefit from Slide Board Exercise

Slide boards are used by athletes, physical therapists, and home fitness enthusiasts to accomplish a wide variety of training and exercise goals. While slide board exercise can truly work any muscle in the body, there are several primary muscle groups that are traditionally best engaged through slide board use. Among the many muscles that are…

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How Slide Board Exercise Can Improve Joint Health

In conversations surrounding the importance of body strength, muscles tend to be the focus. While muscle health is certainly necessary to accomplish a variety of physical activities and lead a healthy lifestyle, your joints are equally important to your body’s ability to move and function optimally. Exercising with slide boards improves joint health by strengthening…

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Why Kids Should Use Slide Boards for Exercise

Kids today have access to some of the most stimulating and entertaining toys in history, but the amount of physical activity in which they participate is on the decline. Between video games, iPads, and other technology, children now spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen. Given that,…

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The Benefits of Lateral Exercise

Imagine a day where you are only able to move backward and forward, and how much of your daily movement (between work, exercise, and other activities) would be prohibited. Linear movement – forward and backward – though an important part of how we go about routine functions, are only one set of the directions in…

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