What is a Slide Board Made of?

Ultraslide 8 Slideboard

What is a Slide Board Made of? Competitor Slide “Boards”: Other slide boards (not boards at all) are often made from common plastic and are produced overseas. UltraSlide Bumpers: UltraSlide slide board bumpers are made from either reclaimed hardwood ash or 100% recycled plastic. UltraSlide Board and Slide Surface: Our slide boards feature strong, 9-ply…

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How Slide Boards Can Help

Few pieces of exercise equipment are so versatile that they can be used across all sports by athletes of every level, incorporated into physical therapy regimens, as well as enjoyed by home fitness enthusiasts. UltraSlide slide boards are incredibly adaptable, providing challenging workouts for professional athletes at the peak of their game, as well as…

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Benefits of Goalie Slide Board Training

Goalkeepers have a critical role in helping their teams to succeed. In pivotal moments of a game, their ability to move quickly and to cover the width and height of a goal can be the deciding factor in whether or not their team wins. Whether they are guarding the net in a soccer or rugby…

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How to Take Care of and Store Your Slide Board

Thanks to the high-quality production of all UltraSlide products, our slide boards are built to provide a lifetime of use. Proper care of UltraSlide slide boards helps to maintain their features and ensure the slide boards will last as long as possible. There are actually UltraSlide slide boards produced 25 years ago that are still…

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What are the Benefits of Slide Board Exercise for Physical Therapy?

Athletes and non-athletes alike rely on physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises in order to return to their daily lives after an injury. Low-impact, functional exercises are essential to help physical therapy patients rebuild their strength and flexibility, and incorporating exercises and movements using an UltraSlide slide board into physical therapy programs improves strength, balance, coordination,…

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The UltraSlide 8 vs. the UltraSlide 8H

There’s a reason the UltraSlide 8 is UltraSlide’s best-selling slideboard: with an adjustable length (5, 6, 7, and 8 feet), the highest quality materials, and sustainable production, it has been the top choice of professional and college teams, schools, physical therapy clinics, and training centers since its introduction. However, not all slideboard users who want the adjustable…

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Benefits of Hockey Slide Board Training

hockey slideboards

Hockey players must maintain their speed, agility, control, efficiency, and explosive strength throughout an entire game. This can be challenging for even the most experienced athlete. Unfortunately, most traditional hockey training focuses on slow endurance training. While important, this type of training doesn’t provide athletes with the strength and agility needed to succeed on the…

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Assorted Fruit and Scale

Shop Now Steer clear of the dreaded exercise rut, and learn how to get the most out of your workout and avoid frustrating plateaus. There are lots of ways to make progress and keep your routine fresh, so give these ideas a try: Plan for Success When it comes to fitness goals, don’t just say…

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How to Get Healthy

Healthy food background

Everyone wants to be healthy… but what does that mean, exactly? The way we eat, sleep, exercise, and our outlook on life are key ingredients for how to get healthy. Follow these pointers to help achieve the long-term wellness you’re looking for. What You Eat Making healthy food choices can get overwhelming, so start with…

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Powerful Muscle Building Foods

Healthy fresh homemade salad

Shop Now Did you know you can supercharge your fitness results by eating muscle building foods? That’s right. There are certain items that are packed with the kinds of protein and nutrients that build muscle faster and more efficiently than others. So, when you’re deciding what to eat, choose the calories that are really going…

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