The Summer Body Workout You Need

Young friends jumping

Shop Now Just in time! Here’s the summer body workout you really need. Build strength in your core and other large muscle groups with tempo and intensity that get results. You can do it anywhere – at home, at the park, or at the beach. Here’s How it Works Follow these strength circuits every other…

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Create Your Own Workout Planner

Shop Now Deciding you want to start working out and get in shape is the easy part. Planning effective workouts and tracking your progress is a lot harder. Creating your own workout planner is a strategy that will help you stay invested in your goals. Where to Begin? Your workout planner can be as simple…

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Self-Care Workout Tips

Young people meditating

Shop Now What do you think of when you hear the words, “self-care?” Self-care means that you’re consciously trying to take care of your body and mind, and benefits included reduced anxiety and improved mental and physical health. So, how can you incorporate self-care into your workouts? It’s easy to push ourselves super-hard or get…

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Avoiding a Workout Plateau

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Shop Now Bored? Burned out? Not seeing results anymore? You’ve probably hit a workout plateau. Once you hit a wall, you have two choices: quit, or change things up so you can move past it and see the results you want. You don’t want to quit, so look at making some positive changes for the…

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Power Hip Strengthening Exercises

Fit women doing side lunges

Shop Now Ever thought about targeting your hips with your workout? Your hip muscles – especially the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles – surround your pelvis and provide support. Some big hints that yours might be weak include: lower back pain, tight hip flexors, and hip pain after sitting at your desk or driving.…

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Balance Exercises For Everyone

Woman in tree pose

Shop Now Whether you’re an athlete or just trying to stay healthy and in shape, your balance has a major impact. Including balance exercises in your workout helps keep your deep core muscles engaged and strong. It also helps you when you’re not working out, like when you need to catch your balance unexpectedly or…

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Back Strengthening Exercises

Shop Now Strengthening your core and back are the keys to avoiding debilitating back pain. Build these back strengthening exercises into your daily routine, and you’ll be protecting yourself against muscle spasms and other acute back pain down the road. Think of these exercises as physical therapy, perfect for utilizing a slideboard as your base…

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Knee Pain Exercises

Runner training knee pain

Our Shop If you experience knee pain, you might want to sit on the sidelines to avoid aggravation. But the right knee pain exercises can actually make a huge difference in your quality of life. By strengthening your muscles and stretching out tight spots, you can potentially lessen your discomfort – or even eliminate pains…

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Gotta-Have Workout Gear

Woman doing yoga with water

Shop Now Workouts require more than just motivation.You need the right extras. With just a few essential pieces of workout gear, your fitness routine will go from being a drag to dynamite in no time. Your Tunes Music changes your mindset, no matter what you’re doing. And when it comes to working out, music is…

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How to Get Fit Without a Gym

Woman Doing Yoga

Whether you want to lose weight or tone up, heading to the gym may seem like the only way to achieve your fitness goals. But not everyone can afford the time or money required to fit a session into their busy schedule, so what’s the solution? In this guide, we’ll detail how to get fit…

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