Tips and Tricks for Measuring Exercise Intensity

woman exercising outside

About Us Whether you’re starting a new gym program or refining your athletic performance, measuring exercise intensity can help you achieve your fitness goals much more quickly. Why does intensity matter? If your workouts aren’t intense enough, you may fail to see results. If you exercise too much, you may burn out quickly. So, how…

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Is it Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

pregnant woman exercising

About Us Many future parents find themselves wondering, “Is it safe to exercise while pregnant?” The answer is yes! Healthy women can safely exercise as normal throughout most stages of pregnancy, and many mothers-to-be find that fitness has numerous physical and mental health benefits. But what should you keep in mind during your fit pregnancy?…

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Top Apps for Your Workout Tracker

fitness tracker

About Us If you’re into technology and working up a sweat, then you already know that fitness trackers are must-have accessories for the gym. And while you can get tons of great information from the tracker itself, you can also sync the device with a smartphone for truly customized data. From digital food diaries to…

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Top 5 Risky Exercises to Avoid at the Gym


About Us Whether you’ve just started your exercise regimen or you’re a regular at the gym, you know that not all workouts are created equal. We’ve talked about some of the most common exercise myths, but do you know which risky exercises to avoid at the gym? We’ll run through a few ineffective exercises and…

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Learn How to Create Successful Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

cool down

About Us Nearly everyone has set a lofty goal in anticipation of the new year, but as motivation dwindles and life gets in the way, most people struggle to stick to the plan. How can you set yourself up for success with your fitness New Year’s resolutions? We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to start…

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Fitness Tracker Gift Guide 2017

People Running

Fitness trackers are the gift that keeps on giving! Snazzier and more capable than ever, these handy gadgets keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals, and there’s one for every budget and style. Fitness trackers are well worth the money, and here are some of this season’s best choices:   Moov Now…

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Health Tips: How Often Should I Exercise?

Sports dumbbells

About Us The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on five days of the week, while the American College of Sports Medicine recommends two days of anaerobic training and two days of flexibility work. With all of this information, you may wonder “Well, how often should I exercise personally?”…

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Are Cool-Downs Necessary After a Workout?

cool down

About Us So you’ve just completed the workout of your life, and you’re trying to muster those last bits of energy for your cool-down routine – but should you? We already know about the importance of warming-up before exercise, but are cool-downs necessary after a workout? Well, the jury is still out! While many coaches…

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Can Exercise Improve Your Appearance?

beautiful woman

Shop UltraSlide Boards We’ve all heard about the popular benefits of exercise, like weight loss and muscle gains, but how else can exercise improve your appearance? You may be surprised to hear that a great workout can have profound effects on your complexion, posture, demeanor, and even your aging process! Read all about the surprising…

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Find Out Top Five Exercise Myths That Just Got Busted

Stretching in the Park

About Us   Whether you’re a beginner to the gym or a fitness pro, you’ve probably heard your share of exercise tips and tricks online. But, you’ve probably heard plenty of exercise myths as well. How can you tell the difference between valid research and questionable content? Read on to learn the top five exercise…

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