Top Apps for Your Workout Tracker

fitness tracker

If you’re into technology and working up a sweat, then you already know that fitness trackers are must-have accessories for the gym. And while you can get tons of great information from the tracker itself, you can also sync the device with a smartphone for truly customized data. From digital food diaries to virtual sleep apps, learn all about the top apps for your workout tracker with UltraSlide!

Food Diaries

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, and many workout tracker models include their own built-in apps and web-based tools to log your food intake every day. But even if your device does not, you can take your pick of the many food-tracking apps available. These apps allow you to input your nutritional data from every meal and snack, so you can hit your macros or calorie goal with precision. We like the popular MyFitnessPal, which includes a massive database of nutrition information, but SparkPeople is a great choice for those who seek community involvement.

Fitness Apps

Fitness trackers provide valuable data about your general health , but what about athletes who need something more specific? There are tons of different apps that are tailored to your favorite sport, so you can track your performance with just a click. For example, MapMyRun will record your running route and find your speed using GPS. Not a runner? You can also check out MapMyHike or MapMyWalk! We also think that Endomondo is perfect for distance athletes, from cycling to skiing, and you can become part of the community for pep talks and fitness tips.

Sleep Apps

After all that hard work in the gym, it’s important to get in the rest and recovery that your body needs. Studies have even shown that more sleepless nights may be linked to higher weight gain, so it’s well worth your while to hit the hay! One of the most popular options is Sleep Debt, which helps to motivate you to sleep on time and detects the moment that you doze off. If you want something a little more intensive, you can buy the Sleepio course package to learn how to improve your health every week.