Avoiding a Workout Plateau

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Bored? Burned out? Not seeing results anymore? You’ve probably hit a workout plateau. Once you hit a wall, you have two choices: quit, or change things up so you can move past it and see the results you want. You don’t want to quit, so look at making some positive changes for the better.

Try a New Workout Routine

If you’ve been in a rut of doing the same thing every workout, try something new. In fact, fitness experts say you should adjust your workout routine every two to five weeks so your body has to keep adapting and work harder.

Get Fresh Advice

If you don’t know how to change your workout, try scheduling a few sessions with a trainer or finding new fitness routines online. Maybe you need to do more reps or change your intensity level. Getting fresh advice will help you stay educated and incorporate new moves to challenge yourself.

Evaluate Your Training Regimen

Take notes about what you’ve been doing and how hard you’ve been working out. Some people hit a workout plateau because they’re overtraining. You can actually get sick – cold, flu, headaches, and fatigue. Remember how important rest is for repairing muscle tissue. On the flip side, maybe your rut is due to things being too easy. If that’s the case, add some high-intensity circuit training or something brand new to you, like kickboxing or Zumba.

Make Sure You’re Sleeping and Eating Right

It’s easy to eat junk when you’re feeling low-energy, so pay attention to what you eat and when. Protein is key to muscle repair, and you need a good mix of vegetables, carbs, and healthy fat to stay energized. Same goes with sleep. People tend to binge eat when they’re tired and unmotivated, and remember, your muscles need precious sleep for repair.

Practice Goal Setting

To get where you want to go and avoid workout plateaus, set goals and constantly check your progress. Your goals need to be realistic to stay motivated, so set difficult but achievable targets based on your fitness level. Don’t forget to build in different workouts and keep track of your healthy eating and sleep habits, too.