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Baseball Glove and BallEarlier this year, the Coastal Carolina University Chanticleers won the 2016 College World Series of baseball, and coach Nick White says that the Chanticleers partly owe their success to the UltraSlide lateral trainer. But the UltraSlide line of slide boards aren’t just fit for the highest level of competitors. Simply designed and elegantly built, our UltraSlide slide boards are perfect for every baseball player looking to improve their game with workouts for baseball performance.

The Chanticleers

The Coastal Carolina University Chanticleers won the College World Series in an incredibly close 4-3 closer. The team is composed of incredibly hard working and spirited athletes, but strength coach Nick White also puts their victory on a rigid regiment and the incorporation of UltraSlide lateral trainer slide boards. Used to enhance simple exercises like the bridge, plank progression, and lunges, White has had his players use an UltraSlide slide board every day of their baseball training schedule. Combined with these simple exercises, players were able to maximize their efforts and enhance the specific muscles that would give them a competitive advantage.

Find A Slide Board for You

The UltraSlide line of slide boards are portable enough to take with you and are also built tough to withstand institutional use. Moreover, they are just as ideal for the baseball stars of the future as they are for the baseball stars of today. An UltraSlide board’s small size means that it’s easy to store and that it can be taken to away games for quick use, and its simple design makes it extremely versatile.

Our UltraSlide slide boards have a slick surface that can be easily incorporated into a number of upper- and lower-body exercises. The extra work required of your muscles to use an UltraSlide board will help you maximize your workout — helping you to run faster and swing harder. And with our signature bumpers, our slide boards can also be used to improve your skills stealing second or sliding home.

Train Like a Champion Today with Help from UltraSlide

If you’re a baseball player looking to improve your game, or if you’re just looking to make your current exercise routine more effective, you can learn more about us, our story, and how to find the right slide board for you at UltraSlide. Contact us online or by phone at 1-847-480-1366 today.