Basketball Training Equipment and Exercises

Athletes across the world have integrated slide boards into their lineup of basketball and other sports’ training equipment for its versatility and convenience. There’s no limit to the exercises you can practice on an UltraSlide for everyone on the basketball team to practice before the big game, letting you condition in different ways than just hitting the court. Check out some of the exercises you can practice below, and then shop for the perfect slide board today!

Exercises Perfect for Basketball

An UltraSlide is an excellent piece of basketball training equipment as it lets you practice muscle conditioning and endurance exercises that are great for agility and ability on the court.

  • Lateral Lunge: This alternative to the more common slide lunge is an excellent exercise to integrate into your routine as it allows you to slide your side leg out rather than stepping it out for lower impact on your knees.
  • Side Squat Slide: Starting out in squat position, you’ll slide from one end to the other of the board to open your hips and maximize thigh muscle engagement. You can do this with a kettlebell or dumbbell for added weight.
  • Mountain Climbers: With your hands on the ground and feet on the slide board in pushup position, you’ll bring one leg in at a time until your knee comes beyond the edge of the board.
  • Forward Lunge: Push your quads by taking a spin on this traditional exercise, sliding your lunge leg forward rather than stepping it forward.
  • Push-up With Lateral Reach: Putting your hands on the slideboard, you’ll slide one arm out to the side as you go down for added muscle strength in your upper arms and chest.

Shop For the Best Slide Board Today

We have a lineup of slide boards in a number of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any basketball player, whether you’re looking to integrate something into your home gym or your team’s practice facility is looking for a professional addition to exercise equipment. If you need any guidance in finding the slide board that makes the most sense for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!