Benefits of Hockey Slide Board Training

hockey slideboards

Hockey players must maintain their speed, agility, control, efficiency, and explosive strength throughout an entire game. This can be challenging for even the most experienced athlete. Unfortunately, most traditional hockey training focuses on slow endurance training. While important, this type of training doesn’t provide athletes with the strength and agility needed to succeed on the ice.

Hockey Players Face Unique Physical Demands on the Ice

It’s no surprise that the physical demands of hockey players are unique. Moving on ice is far different than moving on land, yet most research on hockey training is based around physiological test results unrelated to ice. Most traditional hockey training involves long distance aerobic training. While aerobic cardiovascular fitness is extremely important for any athlete, this type of training does not contribute to the unique needs of hockey players.

Hockey players must maintain knee bend for long periods of time. They must maintain their speed consistently throughout the entire game. In order to be effective, hockey player training must help athletes develop speed and efficiency while increasing endurance capacity of the skating muscles. This isn’t possible through traditional hockey training.

Slide Board Training Benefits

Regular training using UltraSlide slide boards provides hockey players with the strength and control they need on the ice. The slide board mimics the conditions of the hockey rink, allowing players to strengthen skating muscles and improve their skills on the ice. Athletes can practice anywhere there’s floor space, making training flexible and convenient. The slide board features a non-slip backing to ensure the safety of athletes and others around them. Users can easily adjust the length of the board as needed.

The slide board is the only tool available today that allows hockey players to complete their speed and agility training in the same bent position used on the ice. This means that athletes can increase the strength of not only the muscles needed to improve their stride but also the hip muscles needed to prevent injury on the ice. Hockey players simply cannot get these benefits from any other training method or tool.

Slide boards help athletes build the quick, explosive energy needed on the ice. Slide board training has been shown to improve power, change of direction, balance, agility, speed, flexibility, and endurance. Hockey athletes can also effectively practice stickhandling using a puck or ball while training on the UltraSlide.

Hockey Training With UltraSlide Boards

Coaches and athletes have been trusting UltraSlide slide boards for years to improve strength and performance on the ice. Constructed of high-quality materials, UltraSlide slide boards are proudly, ethically, and sustainably made in the U.S.A.
Our boards have a durable, solid base best suited for use on carpet. However, the boards can be placed on any dust-free surface. When using the board on cement or concrete, we do recommend placing a non-slip yoga mat or carpet remnant with rubber non-slip backing under the board to prevent the rubber pads on the base from becoming dirty.

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