Benefits of Slide Board Cardio Exercise

Regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy heart, and UltraSlide slide boards allow for low and hi-impact cardio exercise that can produce a wide range of benefits for your cardiovascular health. From contributing to overall heart health and lowering blood pressure, to weight management and a reduced risk of injury, the benefits of performing frequent cardio exercise with a slide board are endless.

Benefits of Slide Board Cardio Exercise

  • Overall Heart Health: Frequent exercise with an UltraSlide provides for a fun activity that can reduce the likelihood of a variety of heart-related diseases and conditions.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Slide board workouts for just 30 minutes a day help to manage blood pressure and reduce related risks.
  • Weight Management: Working out with a slide board burns calories and fat and effectively contributes to weight loss efforts.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury: Slide board exercise helps build the balance and coordination that reduce likelihood of falls and other injuries.

 Overall Heart Health

Any aerobic exercise will help to improve your cardiovascular health, and working out with a slide boardprovides a fun, low impact method. Frequent aerobic exercise has been proven to reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions. A healthy cardiovascular system is an important factor in leading a long and healthy life, and cardio-focused exercises should be part of any fitness or exercise regimen.

Lower Blood Pressure

The high and low impact exercise a slide board allows can help to manage your body’s blood pressure. Physical activity plays a role in controlling high blood pressure, and performing even simple striders or skaters on a slide board can make a difference. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of physical activity every day are all that is needed to enjoy the cardio benefits of exercise. High blood pressure can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, and managing it is crucial. Exercising with a slide board can help to lower blood pressure and reduce long term risks of these health issues.

Weight Management

Cardiovascular exercise is a well-known way to manage your body weight, and the benefits of a healthy body weight are many. Cardio helps your body to burn calories, and by exercising with an UltraSlide slide board, you can easily adjust your intensity levels and challenge yourself to boost your calorie burn. Unlike strength training, which requires rest days due to the exertion on your muscle groups, cardio exercise can be performed daily without over-training or injury.

Reduced Risk of Injury

While many benefits of cardio exercise are experienced internally, a positive outward change is the reduced risk of injury and falling. Studies have shown that women who regularly take part in aerobic activities experience a reduced risk of falling, thanks to the balance, agility, and increased muscle strength that many exercises promote. Slide board exercise in particular is known to promote balance and coordination, making it an ideal piece of equipment for both cardio exercise as well as injury prevention.

There are countless benefits to regular exercise and using a slide board to perform cardio exercises can help you to experience many of them. By frequently using a slide board for cardio exercise, you can improve your overall heart health, better manage blood pressure, and reduce risk of injury – and, have fun while doing it!


UltraSlide slide boards have benefited teams, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation patients worldwide for more than 25 years. Relied upon by professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals, leaders in fitness, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts, UltraSlide slide boards provide fun and challenging lower-body workouts and are highly effective functional training tools.