Best Conditioning Workouts with UltraSlide

The best part about integrating an UltraSlide into your workout routine is that there’s no limit to the types of uses you can put it to. Athletes and those in physical therapy love the workouts you can practice on this versatile piece of equipment, and we have some of the best conditioning workouts you can practice with UltraSlide as well as exercise videos for use on a lateral trainer. Check them out below, then shop for your perfect model today!

Best Conditioning Workouts

Build stamina, endurance, and focus on different muscle groups with some of the best conditioning workouts you can practice on a slideboard

  • Alternating Side Lunges: UltraSlide models with side bumpers are best for this variation on a classic workout. Instead of lifting the leg that you put weight on, you’ll slide it to the edge of the board, switching sides to work on both legs in the same reps.
  • Striders: One of the most common exercises performed on a slide board, this exercise lets you work on upper thigh muscles as well as your glutes as you push from one side bumper to the other to slide back and forth.
  • Speed Skaters: Popular for athletes on ice like hockey players, this exercises lets you practice skating indoors and without the rink as you mimic the movement of skating for conditioning without the need for leaving the gym.
  • Lateral Lunges: With one foot on the slide board and the other stable on the floor, you can slide your leg out easily to squat down and put weight on it for a safer variation on a classic exercise that minimizes stress that you put on your knee.

Shop for the UltraSlide that Meets Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for something for your home gym, your young athlete, or for a big addition to your team’s training facility, there’s an UltraSlide for everyone to use. We’re passionate about our products, built sustainably right here in the USA and we’re happy to help you find the right slideboard. Just contact us today so we can help you pick the right model for you!