Best Core Muscle Workouts with UltraSlide

Athletes the whole world over love the UltraSlide as it offers the best core workouts you can practice without the hassle of needing serious gym equipment. Versatile and even with portable models, you can use exercise videos, too, to take full advantage of your lateral trainer. We’ve rounded up some of the easiest and best core workouts you can practice so you can get a feel of how to build your routine before you buy your new UltraSlide slide board today!

Get Started with Core Muscle Workouts on Your Lateral Trainer

You can workout your whole body with an UltraSlide, but focusing on your core lets you build strength to take on a number of sports or other activities for your overall fitness without the big fitness equipment!

  • Side-Plank Tucks: Regular planks help you gain core muscle strength, but this exercise lets you work your core even harder. With your feet on top of another while you hold your upper body up with one hand, you pull your knees in toward your chest using your core.
  • Single-Leg Mountain Climbers: As you start in traditional push-up position with your feet on the board and hands on the floor, you’ll slide your leg forward using your core muscle group until your knee is in front of the board’s edge for the maximum workout.
  • Double-Leg Pike: Keep your feet together in push-up position, then use your core muscle group to lift your hips into the air as your hands and feet become closer. Then solely come down to continue to work the muscles in your core before you raise your hips up once again.

Find the UltraSlide that Fits Your Workout Routine

At UltraSlide, we offer a number of slide boards to fit into your fitness lifestyle. Different sizes with or without side bumpers are customizable with your team’s logo, team colors, and more for a personal touch. We build our products in the USA, and we’re happy to help you find the slide board that meets your workout needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for assistance while you shop!