Best Workouts You Can Do At Home

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You don’t have to purchase a gym membership to meet your fitness goals. For those with busy schedules or who prefer to workout at home, there are a number of exercises that are both easy to perform and accommodating to the space you have available to you in your house. With an UltraSlide, you can invest in minimum equipment to help you maximize the benefits of these exercises while taking up the least amount of space, too!

Maximize Your Workout at Home

First, you’ll want to determine which areas of your body you’d like to work on. You can also focus on agility and endurance for sports performance or strength for your own personal benefit. Many of these workouts will help multiple areas at once, and all are easily performed on an UltraSlide!

  • Push-ups: Change the intensity of this classic workout by extending one arm toward the edge of your slideboard and alternating sides to enhance pectoral and upper arm strength. When lifting back up, you’ll pull your arm back to beginning pushup position.
  • Lunges: Practicing alternating side lunges, reverse sliding lunges, and other modified lunges allows you to diversify muscle memory while still focusing on your upper thigh and glute workouts! By sliding your foot instead of lifting it, you’re able to easier focus on placing weight on the foot that is firmly planted.
  • Squats: Lateral squats are done with one foot on your slide board while the other is firmly planted on the ground. While squatting on the fixed leg, slide your foot out toward the side bumper of your UltraSlide. Hold a dumbbell for added weight to maximize the benefits!

Find the Perfect Slide Board for Your Home Workout

We offer a number of UltraSlide models that allow you a versatile workout and fit into the area you have set aside at home for your fitness routine. Browse our inventory to see which model is best suited to your needs, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help narrowing down your options!