The Best Reasons to Invest in a Lateral Slideboard

Lateral trainers are simple and easy to use tools that are perfect for physical therapy, sports performance, or fitness exercises. Here are just a few of the best reasons to invest in a professional-grade slideboard from UltraSlide and get the most out of your exercise regiment.

1. They are Versatile

Man on ultraslide

Whether you’re training for hockey, baseball, tennis, or any other number of sports, the lateral slideboard can modify and enhance your existing workout regiment. Slideboards train your body to react on the court or on the ice.

2. They are Low Impact

Sliding on an UltraSlide board allows you to enhance your low-impact exercises, making the entire line of UltraSlide boards perfect for physical therapy. It’s no surprise then that the UltraSlide boards have been a staple in physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities for two decades.

3. They Will Train Your Body in Brand New Ways

The UltraSlide lateral trainer is one of the only pieces of exercise equipment that allows you to laterally train in an easy way. This means that you’ll be able to utilize muscles and areas of your body you otherwise wouldn’t, and you’ll be able to train your body in entirely new ways.

4. They Combine With Other Exercises

Because the lateral slideboard is a flat, slick surface, it can be used by itself for any number of exercises, but it can also be combined with moves from your normal workout routine. You can use it to enhance your push-ups or sit-ups, your leg workouts, upper-body workouts, or low-impact physical therapy.

5. UltraSlide Boards are Built to Last

The entire line of UltraSlide boards are built to withstand hours and hours of vigorous exercises. This means that a single board will last much longer than any other board on the market, which saves you money and time. What’s more, all UltraSlide boards are built using responsible ingredients, including Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood and laminated using low-VOC (volatile organic compound) glue.

Learn More About the UltraSlide Lateral Trainers Today

If you think a professional-grade lateral trainer is right for your exercise or rehabilitation needs, if you’d like to learn more about attention to responsible construction, or if you’d like to learn more about the UltraSlide story, contact us online today!