The Best Slideboards for Hockey Training — With Help from UltraSlide

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Hockey is an incredibly competitive sport, and it’s important to get everything out of your training that you can. Our UltraSlide slideboards can help you while you’re off the court to maximize your performance on the court, but not every slideboard is identical. Take a look at the best slideboards for hockey training, and found out which one can help you the most.

UltraSlide 5

The UltraSlide 5 is the smallest board available, and it doesn’t come with the bumpers that other, larger boards do. But its size makes it portable, which is ideal for players on the move. They can easily take it with them wherever they’re going. The board can be used to augment lower-body routines, and because it’s slick, it’s perfect to acclimate less experienced players to the feel of the ice.

UltraSlide 6

The larger UltraSlide 6 board comes with bumpers, which makes it perfect for hockey players. It allows them to very easily replicate the experience of skating, and it can help strengthen the muscles that make for a quick skater. And just like the UltraSlide 5, it can also be used to augment other more routine exercise regiments.

UltraSlide 8

Two feet longer than the UltraSlide 6, the UltraSlide 8 is built tough for institutional use, and it is a perfect piece of equipment for the whole team. It’s also great for the individual, as its incredible length can provide a suitable replication for the feel of ice. This makes it perfect to enhance workout routines, as it can maximize the effect on those vital muscles.

UltraSlide 10

What makes the UltraSlide 10 so incredible is its ability to adjust its length. That means it can grow as the athletes needs grow, and it can help you increase your on-ice maneuvering skills — as well as the muscles that help you to out-skate your competition.

UltraSlide Octagon

While the other boards are principally designed to work with an exercise routine that targets specific muscle regions, the UltraSlide Octagon features bumpers on all sides. This board is specifically designed to provide the highest-quality on-ice experience you can get off the ice. Its shape makes it a perfect tool to help sharpen your on-ice skills.

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