Can Exercise Improve Your Appearance?

beautiful woman

We’ve all heard about the popular benefits of exercise, like weight loss and muscle gains, but how else can exercise improve your appearance? You may be surprised to hear that a great workout can have profound effects on your complexion, posture, demeanor, and even your aging process! Read all about the surprising benefits of exercise as motivation to work extra hard at your next gym session.

Delayed Aging

Scientists have found that exercise can slow the aging process at a cellular level. Your chromosomes contain telomeres, which shorten as you age. Studies revealed a potential link between frequent exercise habits and longer telomeres. This may boost longevity and help slow the aging process as well.

Glowing Complexion

A great workout will give you a rosy glow, but that’s not all! A study at McMaster University found that those who exercise regularly have a better complexion than those who do not. In fact, athletes over 40 had comparable skin quality to those in their 20s and 30s! While researchers don’t know the exact cause of this increased suppleness and elasticity, the results certainly speak for themselves.

Confident Stance

The aging process can affect your posture significantly. Between muscle and bone loss, you may find that it’s difficult to stand tall as you get older. However, regular strength training can build up your musculature and improve bone density to support healthy posture. Plus, good posture is associated with increased self confidence!

Healthy Smile

Your time at the gym can pay off in a stronger body as well as a healthy mind. Endorphins are released during workouts, and these body chemicals can have a dramatic impact on your mood. These natural stress relievers can encourage the production of other beneficial neurotransmitters, like dopamine. The result is a happier, healthier you.

Get a Great Workout Anywhere!

Now that you know the many benefits to exercise, you’ll never want to skip a workout again! However, life can get in the way for even the most dedicated athletes. How about investing in a piece of equipment that brings the gym to your home? Check out the Ultraslide slideboard, a portable lateral trainer that delivers a full-body cardio and strength workout.