Dancers – Ramp Up Your Exercise Routine with a Lateral Trainer

As a dancer, you may put in many hours at the studio perfecting routines and skills, but building strength and stamina outside of the studio is also important. A lateral trainer from UltraSlide is a great way to add variety to your conditioning regimen as well as improve balance and flexibility.

An Overview of Lateral Trainers

When choosing a lateral trainer, UltraSlide gives dancers a wide variety of slideboards to select from. There are portable options as well as alternatives that are ideal for heavy institutional use. Our guide below can help direct you to which model is best for your needs.

  • UltraSlide 5 – This portable, yet durable option is free of bumpers and perfect for push-ups, split-squats, and lunges.
  • UltraSlide 6 – If you are looking for a slideboard that is designed for both circuit use in a fitness facility as well as in the home, consider the UltraSlide 6. You can perform a high intensity workout in as little as 15 minutes! It can also be a great tool to assist in your warm-up routine.
  • UltraSlide 8H – The UltraSlide 8H is the most recent addition to the UltraSlide lineup. It was created as a comparable and more affordable alternative to the popular UltraSlide 8 model. Bumpers are fully adjustable, and it features a solid baseboard in addition to a removable slide surface.
  • UltraSlide 8 – Our current best-seller, the UltraSlide 8 is a favorite of both professional athletes and physical therapists alike. If you are a home fitness enthusiast looking for a commercial grade product, be sure to consider the UltraSlide 8.
  • UltraSlide 10 – Found in the weightroom or athletic training room of many professional sports teams, the UltraSlide 10 is our premier slideboard. It can be easily shortened to seven, eight, and nine feet depending on your fitness requirements.
  • UltraSlide Octagon – If you are looking for a slideboard that allows you to change direction as well as use a wide array of angles, the UltraSlide Octagon is the model for you. Bumpers can be quickly reconfigured to create two, eight-foot long, lateral slideboards.
ultraslide 7

Why Should Dancers Consider a Lateral Trainer?

There are many exercises that dancers do every day that could be greatly enhanced with the use of a slideboard. In addition to isolating key muscle groups that are important to dancers, a slideboard can also help improve flexibility.  

  • There are many stretching exercises that can be performed on a slideboard that improve flexibility as well as strengthen the body. Inchworm is a great example of a move that stretches your hamstrings, hips, and chest. Plus, it builds muscle in the arms, legs, glutes, abs, back, and shoulders.
  • If you need to work on your turns, the smooth surface of an UltraSlide slideboard can be beneficial. It will allow you to work on balance and precision.
  • For dancers, balance is key. A strong core is essential for good balance, and a slideboard is ideal for core exercises like single-leg mountain climbers and planks. 

Slideboard Exercises for Dancers

  • Half Moon Adductor Exercises – For this exercise, you will also need a resistance band that can attach to both ankles. Stand on the slideboard and have your feet in parallel position. Bring your left leg out to the side in a parallel tendu, and keep that foot pointed. With your toe just touching the slideboard, rond-de-jambe your left leg to the front and turn that foot as you go so that it is turned out when it reaches the front. Reverse the rond-de-jambe and complete your reps. Then switch legs and repeat the steps for the right side.
  • Curtsy Lunges – Stand on the slideboard with your legs in parallel first position. Your arms should be at your sides. Bring the left leg behind you in a crossed diagonal direction. Your hips and shoulders should still remain square to the front. Lunge so that both legs form 90 degree angles. To help stabilize, you can bring your fists in front of you. Return to your starting position and finish your reps for that side. Switch legs and complete your reps on the opposite side.

Dancer training hard

  • Inchworm – Stand on the slideboard with your feet at hip width distance. Touch your palms to the floor by hinging at the waist. If you need to bend your knees, you can. Walk your hands forward until you get to the point where all of your weight is supported by your hands and toes. Your body should be in a straight line, and the hands should be lined up with the shoulders. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, bring your feet forward to meet your hands. Your palms should stay on the floor, and you can bend your knees if necessary.
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Bring Your Performance to the Next Level with UltraSlide

If you have additional questions about how a lateral trainer can improve balance, strength, and flexibility, contact us at your convenience. We would be glad to assist you or help you find the right slideboard for your fitness requirements.

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