Discover Why the Slideboard is the Ultimate Lateral Trainer for Badminton

If you want to dominate the badminton court, then you need to have a plan. From strength training to endurance to strategy, smart badminton players have perfected every aspect of their game. If you need a little extra kick to get through your matches, then lateral training just may be your secret to success. This innovative training method is incredibly versatile, and you can even utilize lateral training at home! How? Check out UltraSlide’s slideboard system. This portable, effective system is perfect for badminton exercises. Find out more about UltraSlide technology and its impact on badminton performance today!

What is a Lateral Trainer?

UltraSlide’s slideboard is one of the most advanced lateral trainers around, so athletes of any sport can improve their performance with the aid of this popular tool. The slideboard consists of a long, rectangular board that is incredibly durable to handle years and years of intense drills. The slick surface allows athletes to generate incredible speed, which can build both endurance and strength. Just pop on a pair of Slide Slippers and step onto the board to get started! You’ll be blown away by just how fun and effective this workout can be.

Plus, there are tons of different slideboard models to choose! Here are just a few of the most popular models:

  • The UltraSlide 5 is the most compact, portable slideboard in the inventory. This simple board is ideal for smaller spaces, and the bumper-free design is incredibly easy to tuck away in storage during your rest days.
  • The UltraSlide 8 is the best-selling model in the inventory, due to its versatility. This commercial-grade product has adjustable bumpers, and you can even shorten and lengthen the slideboard surface.
  • The UltraSlide Octagon provides a greater surface to practice your moves. This slideboard may be used to practice movements in a 360-degree plane, or you can configure your slideboard into two 8-foot long lateral slideboards as well.

Can Badminton Players Use a Lateral Trainer?

Lateral trainers are one of the best options for badminton players. Why? Think of some common exercises: running, cycling, elliptical, etc. These activities consist of back-and-forth movements in one direction. Your momentum carries you forward or back, and that’s it. So, what about badminton? Sure, you do your share of running back and forth. But when your eye is on that birdie, you’ll head in any direction to swing. That means you need a lateral trainer, which strengthens your movements in the side-to-side direction.

If you’re searching for a new workout tool that will really make a big difference in your game, then we think you’ll be impressed by the slideboard. The UltraSlide slideboard is a wonderful lateral trainer for badminton in particular, due to its incredible flexibility and ease of use. The slick surface allows you to train in any direction, which improves your agility on the court. Additionally, you can train any part of the body. Work on your core, boost your endurance, and even improve your flexibility with just one piece of equipment.

What Badminton Exercises Can I Try?

Badminton exercises train your speed and agility on the court, and our lateral trainer can definitely give you that extra edge in your next big match. Whether you need to strengthen your swing or work on your endurance, a lateral trainer will help develop the skills that you need to succeed. Here are a few of our favorite moves:

  • Need to work on your speed? Try sprints. Swing your arms across your body while sliding from side to side like a speed skater. This helps you develop the explosive power that you need to dominate the court.
  • Need to work on your strength? Try squats. Practice static squats by standing tall and sitting into a deep squat, then repeating this movement. When you’re ready to advance, drop into a squat and alternate sliding one leg out to the side. This challenges not just your leg strength, but your core as well.
  • Need to work on your endurance? Try mountain climbers. Get into a plank position and keep that core tight. Pull one leg into your chest at a time, and try to move quickly. Set a stopwatch and work on adding a few more seconds with each workout!

How Can I Get a Slideboard?

Now that you know that the UltraSlide slideboard is one of the top lateral trainers for badminton players, why not learn moreĀ about UltraSlide technology? There are slideboards for every budget and skill level, so feel free to browse our site or ask us for advice! We’d love to provide you with some more badminton exercises that are perfect for the slideboard.

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