Easy Slideboard Exercises with UltraSlide

Adding a slideboard to your workout is a great way to make your physical fitness routine more dynamic. There are many easy slideboard exercises you can practice in your home gym or fitness center with an UltraSlide, and we’re happy to share lateral exercises with you! Find out what moves we’ve rounded up for you below, and then shop for an UltraSlide that will fit your needs today!

Exercises for Your Slideboard Routine

Slideboards are an excellent way to perform many exercises with your fitness routine that reach multiple muscle groups at once. These are just a few examples of easy exercises from our exercise videos to get you started with lateral exercises and more on your new UltraSlide slide board.

  • Speed Skating: Get the same hardcore workout that hockey teams and professional skaters get on the ice by moving your feet in a skating motion on the board. You won’t have the danger of the ice, but you’ll get the comprehensive strength training that improves endurance for a great cardio.

  • Lateral Speed Slide: Thanks to side barriers included on most UltraSlide models, you’ll be able to quickly skate from side to side on the board, working your upper thigh muscles.

  • Double Leg Mountain Climbers: With your hands on the floor, you can perform this exercise with the added ease of gliding your feet on the slideboard to give your core an intensive workout.

  • Lateral Lunges: You can easily perform lateral lunges with less stress than on the floor. Just slide your feet to position yourself rather than regular lifting while still receiving the same great benefits.

Shop for the Perfect UltraSlide Today

We offer many models in various sizes to fit into your home gym or team fitness facility so you can train indoors with easy exercises on your slideboard. We offer customizable boards for teams, your name, or colors so you can have a unique piece of equipment, plus our slideboards are made right here in the USA. We’d love to help you choose the right model for your specific goals, so feel free to contact us so we can help you out today!