How Can I Use Exercise for Anxiety Reduction?

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A regular workout routine can keep your heart healthy and your muscles strong, but what about your brain? Many medical professionals encourage exercise for anxiety reduction and stress relief, and that’s not all. From increased energy to better sleep, you may be surprised to learn just how many stress-busting benefits you can reap from just a little time at the gym. How can you create an effective routine to help keep anxieties at bay? Read on to learn all about exercise for anxiety and stress!

Stress on the Brain

Your brain is full of nerve connections and when stress hits, your brain and body both feel this impact in a big way. However, exercise boosts your endorphin supply naturally. These feel-good chemicals calm the body, so you can enjoy relief from the day’s stress. Plus, endorphins can even help you sleep better – which can have a huge impact on your mood!

Exercise and Anxiety

While there’s no formal prescription for an exercise routine, studies have shown that every bit counts. Psychologists have found that even a 10 minute walk around the block can provide temporary relief against stress and anxiety. Others have found that vigorous exercise produces longer-lasting relief, and maintaining a regular workout schedule can have an even bigger impact. However, individuals vary. Patients with anxiety can speak with medical professionals to design the right treatment plan for their specific needs.

Workout Plans

So, what exercise for anxiety is right for you? Consider your goals and your lifestyle to create a plan that you enjoy.

  • Set small and manageable goals initially. Try walking, biking, or dancing just 15 minutes everyday until you establish a routine. Then, try to add 5 extra minutes to your workouts.
  • Find a way to make working out more fun. Download podcasts, audiobooks, or music to take your mind off of stress. Bring along an exercise buddy to pass the time. Try new fitness classes at the gym to mix up your routine.
  • Eliminate excuses. If it’s hard to get yourself to the gym, invest in at-home equipment to bring the gym to you. Consider the Ultraslide slideboard for a total-body workout that can be completed anywhere!