How to Perform Exercises for Joint Strength with the Use of UltraSlide Slide Boards

It can be a difficult balance between maintaining joint strength and putting too much strain on your joints. Exercises for joint strength can be practiced easily and at home with the use of slide boards, meaning you can build back the strength you’ve lost or get started on a healthy frame before you encounter problems. UltraSlide slide boards offer a variety of options to allow you to practice joint strengthening routines at home. Joint Health Many think of joint health as being something integral as we get older, but the truth is that it’s important to maintain joint health throughout our lives. By building the muscles around our joints, we can prevent bone loss from occurring as quickly as it does as we age. Doctors recommend that you practice strengthening exercises two or three times a week in order to see the best results. To prevent osteoporosis from happening, maintaining peak joint health at an earlier age is important to focus on. That’s why starting sooner with lateral strength training is a great idea. Make sure to give yourself days off in between exercising to allow your body to recuperate from the hard work that it’s done. How to Strengthen Your Joints with UltraSlide Slide boards make keeping up with exercises for joint health easy. Routines are easier and even more fun, and integrating these exercises into your routine will put you well on your way of protecting your joints.

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  • Squats: Most people know that squats exercise many different muscle groups, which is integral to building joint health. With the use of a slide board, you can practice variations on squats that will challenge you and offer variations to keep your muscles surprised. Some of these squats include skater squats with backward or forward slides, skater squats with circles, and sliding squat jacks.
  • Lunges: While regular lunges can help your joints, slide board lunges are dynamic in that they can also build endurance and stamina with low impact thanks to being able to keep your feet on the ground while working out. Alternating sliding lunges and lunge runs are both excellent variations on the traditional lunge to build joint health on an UltraSlide.
  • Push-Ups: Variations on the traditional push-up are a peak way to condition muscles around both your shoulders and elbows to maintain joint health. Some of the pushups you can practice are bodysaw pushups, front-lever pushups, and side-lever pushups.

Best Lateral Trainer Slide Boards for Joint Strength At UltraSlide, we have designed multiple options that accommodate all kinds of spaces and needs. Built with high quality materials, you’ll appreciate this investment as it withstands use as you maintain your health. These are some of the best options from UltraSlide to maintain your joint health.

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  • UltraSlide 5: The most compact model that we’ve designed at UltraSlide, the UltraSlide5 is perfect for use at home and for bringing wherever you may be practicing your workout routine. This model is excellent when space is limited or you need to store the slide board after use. Though it’s small in size, it is still versatile for various workouts, especially the ones that help your joint health.
  • UltraSlide 6: This is the next step up in our lineup. The UltraSlide6 is more durable and larger than the UltraSlide5, but it’s still space friendly and a good model for at home use, though its higher quality can withstand much more use than that of one person. You can do more lateral exercises on this slide board for joint health.

Shop For a Lateral Trainer Slide Board Today at UltraSlide We pride ourselves on our quality slide boards made right here at home in the USA from recycled materials. Our team is passionate about health and is available to talk to you about the best slide boards that work for your workout needs and desires. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also offer customizations to make your UltraSlide special to you or for a gift for someone who would make use of it. You can add a team logo, team colors, or initials to make it your own. Get started on building your joint health back in shape.

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