Fitness Friday: Cross-Training

Kimberly Shah - Kimberly Shah Fitness

Kimberly Shah – Kimberly Shah Fitness

Cross-training can benefit anyone who is a participant in fitness or cardio-enduced sports – especially runners, skiers, soccer players, and bikers. Cross-training is alternating your workout routines, so as to increase your performance and overall fitness without over-stressing your body and target muscles.

So here’s what you do: think about your typical training day. You’re probably targeting specific muscle groups for about an hour, right? Or maybe you dedicate your workout to cardio like running or swimming. Time to switch it up. Incorporate a multi-muscle cross-training regimen into your workout.

For example, are you one of the weight lifters? Awesome, time to throw in some cardio. Are you strictly cardio? Cool, time to pick up some strength workouts. The point is to vary activities between conditioning, strength training, endurance, and balance – and to vary the workouts that emphasize each one of those areas, Got it?

Kimberly Shah of Kimberly Shah Fitness shared this awesome video on her Instagram, where she’s cross-training on her UltraSlide slideboard. View the video here and get training!