Learn How to Create Successful Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

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Nearly everyone has set a lofty goal in anticipation of the new year, but as motivation dwindles and life gets in the way, most people struggle to stick to the plan. How can you set yourself up for success with your fitness New Year’s resolutions? We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to start your fitness journey for 2018.

Create Measurable Goals

Sometimes our New Year’s resolutions are too vague. We vow to get fitter, get stronger, or lose weight – but how do we measure those goals? Rather than thinking broadly, get specific. If you want to get fitter, make a goal to schedule a workout three times per week. If you want to get get stronger, consider signing up for weekly Body Pump or Crossfit classes. At the end of a month, you can appreciate your achievements and tweak your goals for the next month.

Be Realistic

When January rolls around, many people get excited at the thought of a fresh start. They strive to completely revamp their diet, workout, and lifestyle. But, changing too much at once can be overwhelming. Think about your current lifestyle and your future goals. If you want to change your diet, think about your biggest temptations. Set a goal to cut desserts on weekdays, schedule a Meatless Monday, or swap your heavy snacks for lighter alternatives. These small steps can lead to big rewards.

Think Outside the Box

While improving your diet or workout habits may be the most common fitness goals of the New Year’s resolution crowd, these factors are just part of your overall wellness. What about your sleep habits? Consider setting a resolution to go to bed a little earlier or limit your nightly screen time. How are your stress levels? Think about starting a journal or learning to meditate to relax. These unconventional resolutions can improve your quality of life tremendously.

Have Fun!

Even though starting a new habit can be daunting, there’s no need to put pressure on yourself. Try to make your fitness journey fun. If you’re starting a new workout routine, why not ask a friend to be your workout buddy? If you’re starting to jog, why not sign up for a local fun run? And if you have some stumbles along the way to your goals, no need to fret. Just pick yourself up and keep going!