Fitness Tracker Gift Guide 2017

People Running

Fitness trackers are the gift that keeps on giving! Snazzier and more capable than ever, these handy gadgets keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals, and there’s one for every budget and style. Fitness trackers are well worth the money, and here are some of this season’s best choices:


Moov Now

This fitness tracker is not only versatile and looks space-age cool, but it’s very affordable, priced at around $60. Wrap it around your wrist or ankle, and track your stats for running, walking, swimming, and other cardio workouts like boxing. Audio commands coach you, and the sleep tracker function works at night. Moov Now comes in several cool colors from Stealth Black to Blizzard White and Sunrise Orange.


Huawei Band Pro 2

Here comes another appealing and affordable wearable fitness tracker – the Huawei Band Pro 2, priced at about $70. With its sleek good looks and high-powered charging – up to 21 days – this tracker gets a lot of work done. Multi-sports, GPS, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and relaxation guidance are just a few of the powerful things it can do. It even has automated run coaching. Definitely consider this capable all-around choice.


Polar M430

Maybe running is more your sport. The Polar M430 could be just what you’re looking for, with its GPS-based evaluation of your running performance. It gives you just the stats and guidance you need to plan your race results and blow away your goals. The Polar M430 also contains a continuous heart rate monitor and vibration alerts for calls, texts, and more during your runs. Maximize your training with the Polar M430, priced starting around $180.


Garmin Vivoactive 3

Style meets a fitness-based smartwatch with the Garmin Vivoactive 3. Its artistic design allows you to customize the face to show whatever information you want, and the functionality just rocks, with a powerful touchscreen that lets you do everything from respond to texts, calls, and other notifications, as well as pay using Garmin Pay. All the while, it’s tracking your fitness goals, calories, steps, and sleep. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is priced around $250.


Fitbit Ionic

Here comes a fitness tracker that literally does everything you could want it to do. Coaching, tracking, paying without your wallet, and reminding you about appointments is all in a day’s work. The Fitbit Ionic also has heart rate tracking and GPS and can play music and apps. Plus, the modern design and easy-to-read interface is intuitive and fun to use. Is working out just part of your life? The Fitbit Ionic is designed just for you and starts at about $300.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals With UltraSlide

If getting fit is one of your new year’s resolutions, consider adding an UltraSlide slideboard to your wish list. There are plenty of great options for every budget and fitness level. Explore our inventory online or contact us with any questions.