Perform Muscle Conditioning and Conditioning Workouts on an UltraSlide Slide Board

The versatility and simplicity of a slide board from UltraSlide makes it a unique tool to integrate into your muscle conditioning routine. Using a slide board allows you to incorporate stability and resistance with conditioning workouts into your routine for maximum use of your muscles, especially in your legs and thighs. As many machines only offer forward and backward motion, a slide board is an important tool to get lateral motion into your workout. Using a slide board is easy, and it’s useful for athletes, rehabilitating your muscles after injury, and those who want an excellent allover workout. Learn more here, and then order your own customized UltraSlide slide board to boost your workout potential!

How to Perform Muscle Conditioning Exercises with UltraSlide

The UltraSlide slide board is so versatile that it can be daunting to know where to begin — but it’s actually very simple to use! The slick rectangular surface can be placed on any clean, level floor area where you have space to perform your conditioning workouts. You can work out in front of a mirror if it is accessible to you so that you can monitor your form.

In addition to the slide board, you’ll need slide slippers that will make it easy to glide across the surface. We have designed special slippers that work well with the UltraSlide. We also have slide polish to offer you maximum performance with a slick, clean surface.

Once you’re prepared, a multitude of exercises can be practiced. You can begin to slide back and forth as if you were speed skating, which is one of the many reasons professional athletes — from basketball players to baseball players — use our products to enhance their workout routines. Make sure to clean the surface if there is an accumulation of perspiration for maximum performance.


Best Lateral Trainer Slide Board Exercises for Muscle Conditioning

With so much available equipment for forward and backward motion, using a slide board is an optimal choice for muscle conditioning with lateral movement. These conditioning workouts will challenge your leg and thigh muscles that don’t see as much emphasis from other routines, as well as upper arm muscles.

  • Lateral Lunge: Place one foot on the ground outside of the UltraSlide while the other foot is on the inner edge of the board. Allow the foot on the slide board to move to the opposite edge, bearing your weight on the stationary leg off of the slide board while bending your knee. This move is easily done on our portable home model, the UltraSlide 5.
  • Sliding or Striders: One of the most common slide board exercises, this is best done on an UltraSlide with bumpers, like the UltraSlide6, 8, or 10. Once you’re on the board, bend your knees slightly while using the muscles of your upper thighs to push yourself from one end of the board to the other.
  • Push-up with Lateral Lunge: Using a slipper on one hand, place both hands on the slide board as you’re in standard push-up position. When you move down, slide the hand with the slipper out toward the edge of the board, placing the majority of your weight on the stationary arm.
  • Side-Plank Tucks: Resting your weight on one arm off of the slide board, stack your feet on top of each other in side plank position. Pull your knees in toward your chest to exercise your core, giving your side obliques an incredible workout.
  • Alternating Side Lunges: An alternative to the lateral lunge, this exercise is best done with a model that features side bumpers. Using your inner thigh muscles, work to pull in the leg you’re sliding back to the stationary leg without bending your knee, quickly but safely alternating sides to give yourself a challenging workout on both sides. Make sure your glutes are positioned far enough back to carry the weight appropriately.
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Explore our inventory of available slide boards from UltraSlide. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs and desired workout setting. We ethically produce our products within the USA so you can feel at ease when investing in our products. If you have any questions or wish to speak more with us about our products, you can always contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect UltraSlide to get you started on your muscle conditioning journey today!

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