Maximize and Energize Your Weight Loss Workout With a Slide Board

When it comes to maximizing your weight loss, sometimes you have to get creative to keep yourself motivated and excited to get in the gym. Other times, you just need a more energizing workout. Either way, an UltraSlide board can put the fun and effectiveness back into your weight loss exercises. Learn some lateral training exercises you can perform on an UltraSlide board, and find the best board for your routine.

How to Lose Weight with UltraSlide

It’s easy to take many common and effective exercises and adapt them for an UltraSlide slide board. Here are a few ideas to help you get started with your weight loss or to boost your sports performance:

  • Forward Lunges: With one foot on the floor and the other on the board, slide your board foot forward until you are in the normal lunge pose. Then, push yourself back into your starting position.
  • Reverse Lunges: Put one foot on the board and the other on the floor. Slide your board foot until you’re in the normal lunge posture, and then slide back into your start position.
  • Lateral Squat: Put one foot on the floor and the second on the board. Squat down on your stationary leg while sliding your board foot out on the board. Push yourself back to your starting position.
  • Speed Skaters: Stand with both feet on the slide board. Start closer to one end with one foot against a bumper. Bend at the knees and lean far forward before pushing off the block towards the opposite end of the board.
  • Double Leg Mountain Climbers: With your hands on the floor and feet on the board, get into push-up position. Slide both knees up until they almost go past your board. Slide back into your starting position.
  • Single Leg Mountain Climbers: Get into push-up position with your hands on the ground and your feet on the board. With a tight core, head up, and low hips, ‘run’ as fast as you can on the board.
  • Double Leg Pike: Start in a push-up position with your feet on the board and your hands off of it. Keeping your legs straight, lift your hips. Try to get your feet flat (or close to flat) with locked knees before returning to a starting position.
  • Chest Flye: Start in push-up position with your hands on the board. Slide your hands apart, and bend at the elbows 90 degrees. Push up and slide your hands into your start position.
  • Body Saws: Get into plank position with your elbows on the floor and feet on the board. Remaining on your forearms, push your body backwards, and then move back into your starting position.

Best Lateral Trainer Slide Boards for Weight Loss

You need to pick the right board for your body, space, and needs. These UltraSlide options are known for working well in home gyms of all varieties:

  • UltraSlide 5: If you don’t plan on using a bumper in your workout, the UltraSlide 5 is a great choice for your home gym. It’s made from the same high quality materials as our larger boards, and it’s great for on-the-go usage or travel.
  • UltraSlide 6: For those who share their home gym with other family members, the UltraSlide 6 gives you more durability without taking up too much space. It includes bumpers for powerful sliding moves, such as Speed Skaters.
  • UltraSlide 8H: This new addition to the line-up gives you 8 feet of space with a bargain price. It has adjustable bumpers for a customizable workspace, and it’s sturdy enough for training athletes.

Complete your UltraSlide slide board ensemble with these accessories:

  • Slide Polish: Get the most from your slide board and maintain the surface with a little polish. Spray the polish right on the board, and give it a quick wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Now you’re ready for an engaging and intense workout.
  • Slide Slippers: These hand-sewn slippers go right over your regular workout shoes to protect your feet and the board. If you’re over a size 13, we have custom sizes available to accommodate your needs.
Slide Board


Order Your UltraSlide to Upgrade Your Workout

With these Weight Loss Exercises and your own slide board, you can energize your Weight Loss routine while adding more fun to your gym time. Stay motivated and order your UltraSlide today. Don’t for get the accessories as well!

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