Get Ice Time Year Round with UltraSlide Boards

Hockey Players

Simple, elegant, and easy to use, a slide board lateral trainer from UltraSlide is a great way to enhance your conditioning workout. Its size makes it quite portable, and the durable construction means you can work as hard as you want and you won’t wear through it. But most importantly, the slide board’s slick surface allows you to get time on the ice even in the hottest of summer days. Check out some of the ways you can use UltraSlide boards to improve your hockey performance.

Improve Your Hockey Game

They say that games are won before either team even steps out on the ice. This means that the winning team is the one who works the hardest and the smartest. Well, the UltraSlide boards offer a little bit of both, and they allow hockey players to work out wherever they are and to get more time on the ice than their competitors.

What is a Lateral Trainer?

The UltraSlide lateral training slide board is a rectangular device with a slick surface. It’s a very simple design, and its simplicity makes it incredibly versatile. This slick surface can be used to enhance lunges and other core exercises, and it can be used to specifically strengthen the muscles used to skate more quickly and with more grace. It effectively recreates the feel of the ice, and it allows you to earn more time training on the ice than the other team. These target workouts are easy to do, and they can give you a significant competitive edge.

Different Boards, Different Players

There are a number of different boards available, and each one offers unique benefits. If you’re looking for something portable so that you can train before and after away games, try the UltraSlide 5. If you’re interested in a board that will specifically allow you to practice your skating techniques, try the UltraSlide Octagon. The UltraSlide line of lateral trainers provide multiple options that are perfect for hockey players looking to elevate their game.

Learn More About how a Lateral Trainer Can Help You Today

If you’re a hockey player looking to maximize your conditioning routine, an UltraSlide board is just what you need. To learn more about us and our line of lateral trainers, contact us online or call us at 1-847-480-1366 today.