Clear Mind, Strong Body: How Meditation Can Boost Your Workout

Woman practicing yoga on the ocean beach at sunset

We spend so much time shuffling from work to spin class to weekend fun runs, but when do we take the time to unwind? While working hard on your fitness goals typically involves a great deal of perseverance and perspiration, don’t underestimate the importance of your mental game. If you want to have a clear mind and a new sense of focus, then meditation may be the tool that you need to break through to your fitness goals. Find out how meditation can boost your workout and then try out these new techniques!


Does your mind wander when you’re in the middle of your last squat set? Do you get a little lax on the elliptical even before the cooldown begins? Sometimes refocusing on your goals can help you get every last bit out of your workouts. In fact, you can utilize meditation techniques as you exercise. Your gym time is yours and yours alone, so leave your worries at the door! During your workout, try to stay focused in the present. If your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to your movement. Really concentrate on your breath and your form.


Are you giving your workouts your all, or do you leave a few reps in the tank? When you practice mindfulness, you can better assess your needs for the day. Think about how your body feels in the moment. Are you too physically tired for that next rep or next mile, or are you just feeling mentally tired? Staying in tune to your body’s needs can help you break through barriers and reach your goals faster. Before attempting your one-rep max or an intimidating trail, quiet your fears and focus on your breathing. This gives you the mental clarity to tackle new obstacles with confidence.


Staying focused in the present can also help you stay safe during intense workouts. Many coaches advocate mindful training, which emphasizes body awareness during each movement. Rather than daydreaming and worrying during your set, keep your mind laser-focused on your form. Not only will you get the maximum benefit from each movement, but you’ll stay safer as well. This technique is also fantastic when trying out a new workout for the first time. Why not practice mindful training with an UltraSlide lateral trainer? Try the best-selling UltraSlide 8 for a full-body workout at home or in the gym!