Health Tips: How Often Should I Exercise?

Sports dumbbells

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on five days of the week, while the American College of Sports Medicine recommends two days of anaerobic training and two days of flexibility work. With all of this information, you may wonder “Well, how often should I exercise personally?” It depends on your goals, but we’re here to help. Read on for your customized prescription!

Lose Weight

If weight loss is your primary goal, then exercise is important – but diet is even more crucial! Studies have shown that about 300 minutes of moderate activity is the most optimal for shedding pounds, which amounts to around one hour during five days of the week. And while most people flock to the cardio equipment to lose weight, don’t be afraid to head into the weight room. Gaining some muscle mass can boost your metabolism, which can help you burn even more calories.

Live Longer

If you are seeking the maximum health benefits of exercise, then you’ll want to diversify your workouts. The CDC’s recommendation, five days of 30 minute workouts, is a great recommendation for you. You can also opt for 75 minutes per week of more vigorous exercise instead. The key is to integrate strength training, cardio, and flexibility work to keep your body in tip-top shape. Cardio is great for your heart and endurance, strength training is wonderful for your muscles and bones, and flexibility work can reduce your risk for injury. Combine all three and you’ll be in the shape of your life!

Improve Quality of Life

Exercise can have significant benefits for both your mental and physical health. Whether you want more energy or want to lose weight, it’s incredible what a new exercise routine can accomplish.

  • If you have a sedentary job, try to walk around every hour during the work day in addition to your normal exercise schedule. This can get your blood pumping and help prevent fatigue.
  • If you suffer from insomnia, experiment with your workout schedule. Many have found that earlier workouts are the best option. Hitting the gym close to bed can keep you up!

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