How Slide Board Exercise Can Help with Weight Loss

Fitness and weight loss tend to be popular topics at this time of year as many are making their New Year resolutions. Losing excess pounds with healthy habits such as regular exercise and balanced nutrition can produce many benefits, including lower cholesterol, decreased chances of diabetes, improved mobility, and a lower risk of heart disease, among others. Incorporating slide board exercise with an UltraSlide into your routine is a great way to accomplish weight loss through low impact/high intensity, cardiovascular-focused, fun workouts!

How Slide Board Exercise Can Help with Weight Loss

  • Low Impact, High Intensity Movements: Exercising with slide boards helps you to get a good workout while minimizing the stress and pressure placed on joints.
  • Cardiovascular Exercise: Slide board moves provide for an efficient cardiovascular workout that burns calories and improves metabolism.
  • Fun!: Using a slide board adds variety to your exercise routine and is an enjoyable way to get in shape.

Low Impact, High Intensity

Low impact movements are an ideal way for individuals who experience issues with their knees, hips, or ankles to enjoy effective weight loss exercise without placing stress on their joints. Many slide board moves, such as traditional sliding, lunges, squats, and skaters provide for high intensity workouts while minimizing the pressure and weight put on joints. Low impact exercises help you to build strength and endurance, allowing for stamina and speed to improve with use. Exercise with a slide board is especially beneficial for both elderly and obese UltraSlide users, who might struggle with the joint pain associated with higher impact workouts.

Cardiovascular Exercise

It’s common knowledge that “cardio” is an effective way to lose weight, but not all cardiovascular exercise produces the same benefits. Strength and conditioning exercises that challenge your muscles and boost your heart rate help to burn more calories and speed your metabolism. There are a variety of UltraSlide moves that, when performed one-after-another, or in a circuit, can create an efficient cardiovascular workout that will push your body to eliminate unwanted calories and fat. Slide board exercises like forward lunges, reverse lunges, mountain climbers, and body saws are excellent for achieving the benefits of cardiovascular exercise for weight loss.


When exercising with a goal of weight loss, it’s important to find activities that are enjoyable and that you will look forward to doing. Having fun with exercise makes it easier to break into a new routine, stay consistent, and establish good habits. Slide board exercise adds variety to weight loss workouts, providing endless possibilities for moves that will help you achieve your fitness goals. An UltraSlide can be used to exercise every area of your body, and the versatility of a slide board as well as the novelty of “sliding” make using a slide board a truly fun way to workout.

Exercising for weight loss can lead to many benefits for your physical and mental health. Working out with an UltraSlide allows for low-impact/ high intensity, cardiovascular, and fun exercise that can help you to lose weight and lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.


UltraSlide slide boards have benefited teams, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation patients worldwide for more than 25 years. Relied upon by professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals, leaders in fitness, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts, UltraSlide slide boards provide fun and challenging lower-body workouts and are highly effective functional training tools.