How Slide Boards Help Goalies Train to Perform

The physical demands of a goalkeeper are different than those of their teammates. While players on the ice or field need endurance, agility, and the ability to move quickly throughout a game, what is required of a goalie to perform in their positions successfully is unique. Training with an UltraSlide helps goalies to navigate fast lateral movements in and in front of the net, move quickly and with power to get to the puck or the ball fast, and to pivot and turn with speed and agility.

  • Lateral Speed: Slide boards provide an optimal training environment for goalies to develop strong and fast side-to-side movement.
  • Explosive Power: Major muscle groups that contribute to powerful propulsion and quick movement are effectively activated and strengthened with slide board exercise.
  • Balance and Stability: Training with slide boards works the hips and glutes as well as the stabilizer muscles that support the balance and stability needed for fast pivots and changes of direction.

Slide Boards For Hockey GoaliesLateral Speed

The net is truly a goalie’s domain, and while forward and backward movement is important to dominating that space, mastering fast movement from side-to-side is key to a goalie’s ability to block an opponent’s attempt to score. Exercising with a slide board provides an optimal training environment for goalies to improve their lateral speed, with various moves and workouts that engage the muscle groups needed for fast side to side movement. For ice hockey goalies, slide boards replicate the experience of skating in a way no other piece of training equipment can, giving goalies the opportunity to train their bodies as if they were on the ice from the convenience of a gym, training facility, or even at home. The UltraSlide Octagon, in particular, is very useful to ice hockey goalies for training that replicates game conditions. (For more information on the benefits of lateral exercise, check out our recent blog post).

Slide Boards For TrainingExplosive Power

In the high-pressure moments of an attack on the goal, the time taken for each move a goalie makes is of the utmost importance. Being able to quickly get yourself to where you need to be to block the puck or ball requires powerful propulsion from major muscle groups, specifically in the legs. Slide board workouts targeting these important muscles can effectively build their strength and condition them to be execute these explosive movements. Popular slide board exercises to increase explosive power include lateral lunges, traditional striding (or sliding), and alternating side lunges.

Balance and Stability

In a split second, goalies must be able to pivot and change direction with quick and coordinated movement. This is not possible without balance and stability, and proper strength training and conditioning are necessary in order for the body to develop these traits. In addition to providing challenging workouts for the hips and glutes, which help our bodies to maintain balance during physical activities, slide boards also allow for exercise that work the stabilizer muscles that support major muscle groups. Engaging these muscles helps to strengthen them and allow for more stability in the fast turns and movement goalies must carry out.Slideboards for Sports Teams

To perform their crucial role, goalies must be on top of their game in every way. Training with a slide board helps goalies to develop lateral speed, explosive power, and balance and stability, all of which are important to a goalie’s body being in peak shape to perform.


UltraSlide slide boards have benefited teams, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation patients worldwide for more than 25 years. Relied upon by professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals, leaders in fitness, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts, UltraSlide slide boards provide fun and challenging lower-body workouts and are highly effective functional training tools.