How Slide Boards Can Help

Few pieces of exercise equipment are so versatile that they can be used across all sports by athletes of every level, incorporated into physical therapy regimens, as well as enjoyed by home fitness enthusiasts. UltraSlide slide boards are incredibly adaptable, providing challenging workouts for professional athletes at the peak of their game, as well as manageable exercise for those who are simply looking for a low-impact workout. Regardless of what your fitness or training goals are, adding an UltraSlide slide board into your routine will help you reach them.

How Slide Boards Can Help Anyone Get a Good Workout

  • Working Out for Weight Loss: UltraSlide slide boards provide fun, cardiovascular exercise that torches calories.
  • Working Out for Muscle Conditioning: Low-impact exercise on slide boards helps to improve balance and core strength.
  • Working Out for Endurance Training: Working out with UltraSlide can effectively improve stamina and endurance with low-impact, indoor training.
  • Working Out for Joint Strength: By building the muscles surrounding your joints, exercising with slide boards boosts your efforts to maintain long-term joint health.

Weight Loss

How Slide Boards Can Help Anyone Get a Good WorkoutExercise for weight loss, especially if you are new to exercise or returning to it after a significant time away from it, can be intimidating. Finding ways to incorporate fun, stimulating cardiovascular workouts into your day can make exercising for weight loss a positive, energizing experience that can be enjoyed. Moves like Speed Skaters, Mountain Climbers, and Lunges are common and effective cardiovascular exercises that can easily be adapted and performed on an UltraSlide slide board for a great workout!

Muscle Conditioning

UltraSlide slide boards uniquely allow users to maximize the muscles challenged in any workout, thanks to the lateral motion they facilitate. Instead of the forward and backward motions most exercises include, slide board exercise offers side-to-side, lateral movement that builds stability and balance. Regardless of your fitness level, incorporating a slide board into your workouts will challenge muscles that aren’t as frequently engaged, improving your overall strength.

Endurance Training

Whether you are seriously training or just looking to improve your endurance, exercising with slide boards can help anyone increase their stamina. Adding a slide board to many traditional endurance exercises gives users the ability to work more muscle groups, perform their workout indoors, and ultimately increase their strength and stamina. For example, Speed Skating for long intervals, performing fast-paced Alternating Slide Lunges, and Lunge Running can be done on an UltraSlide for a challenging yet efficient, and low-impact, endurance-building workout.

Joint Strength

Slideboard WorkoutJoint health is vital to your body’s ability to handle any activity, from walking or jogging to running the field or moving across the ice. Exercising with UltraSlide helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that surround our joints, which can help to prevent bone loss from occurring as quickly as it does as we age. Slide boards can be used to perform low-impact warm-up and stretching movements, aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, as well as strength exercises, all of which contribute to developing and maintaining joint health and continuing activity moving into the future.

UltraSlide slide boards are uniquely capable of helping anyone get a good workout, regardless of your fitness level or exercise experience or abilities. Whether you are working out for weight loss, muscle conditioning, to build endurance, or improve your joint strength, UltraSlide slide boards can be used for effective exercise that will help you to achieve your goals. To learn more about working out with UltraSlide slide boards, visit