UltraSlide Tips and Tricks: How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoe

gym shoes

Before you hit the gym, it’s important to lace up! But you may have wondered just how to choose the right athletic shoe. There are several factors that go into the perfect pair for your unique needs. Whether you have flat feet or high arches, we’re here to break down all the footwear basics for smarter shopping! Read on for our best tips and tricks to finding the perfect pair of shoes for your next workout.

Get to Know Your Feet

Every pair of feet is a little bit different, so you want to walk into the shoe store with as much information as possible. For example, what do you know about your arches? Some people have low arches or even completely flat feet, while others have very high arches. Low arches may lead to overpronation, which means your feet roll inward during physical activity. You may appreciate shoes with extra stability to keep your feet firmly planted and properly aligned. Higher arches can lead to supination, or the outward rolling of the foot. Shoes with ample arch support and softer midsoles may be better for you. If you have normal arches, look for terms like “neutral” footwear for a comfortable and well-balanced shoe.

Shop Wisely

Now that you’re caught up on the lingo, it’s time to head to the store. Consider bringing your old trainers with you, especially if you don’t know your arch type. The salesperson can examine the tread to determine what type of stability and support you may need. Here are some other recommendations from experts:

  • Your feet expand during physical activity, so try to shop a little later in the day. Your feet tend to swell toward the end of the day, so don’t be surprised if you need a bigger size than you expect.
  • Additionally, your shoe size can change with age and weight. Get sized by a professional to ensure a proper fit.
  • Bring your own socks and orthotic insoles to test them inside any prospective pairs. You want to make sure everything fits like a glove.

Try Your New Shoes on an UltraSlide Slideboard

Modern athletic shoes don’t have a breaking in period, so you can slip them on and go! Why not try your kicks on a brand new slideboard by UltraSlide? You can get a fantastic workout from home that challenges the whole body. Learn more about us online to see what we’re all about!