Tips for Designing the Best Fitness Plan for You

Before you hit the gym, it’s important to make sure you understand how to design a fitness routine that fits your lifestyle. Making sure that you customize your workout to your personal needs and goals is key to receiving the maximum benefits when you begin your fitness journey. We’re here to help you create a routine that allows you to meet your goals with the help of an UltraSlide, so take these easy steps to get on the right path today!

Creating Your Plan

Before you begin, it’s important to assess your current fitness level. Try walking one mile while measuring your pulse rate and timing yourself to see where you currently stand. You should also evaluate your flexibility by seeing how far you can stretch as well as documenting your current body mass index, weight, and measurements. Compare this to your end goals to analyze how long and often you should workout.

Next, pick some exercises that will help you get your ideal body or meet your sports performance goals. Lunges will help you work on your quads and glutes, while mountain climbers add the benefit of working on your core strength. Modified pushups will help with upper body strength. All of these can be performed on an UltraSlide to make alternating sides easier on your joints and minimize equipment use.

Documenting your plan will help you stick to your goals. Make a schedule of how often and for how long you should incorporate your fitness routine into your life. Some may find that three weekly hour-long sessions will be enough, while others may want to practice four 45 minute sessions. The length and frequency should be easy to fit into your schedule so that you can meet your goals without other obligations getting in the way. Keep track of your progress so that you can see on paper how well you’re doing to keep you motivated for moving forward!

Find the Perfect UltraSlide for Board Your Fitness Routine

When you’ve chosen the place and types of exercises you plan to practice most, find out which model of our slide board is best for your practice. You can browse our inventory online and customize your own model. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about which UltraSlide would be most beneficial to you!