How to Perform Endurance Training with the Help of UltraSlide Slide Boards

Whether yo have just begun your endurance training or you’re looking for ways to advance your exercises for endurance training, slide boards are an excellent way to switch up your routine. UltraSlide is at the top of the game when it comes to slide boards, and we have a variety of sizes to accommodate your workout goals and needs. From your home gym to team training to larger exercise equipment, we have what you need to make a versatile routine as simple as putting on a pair of slippers and getting started. Read all about your options below, then browse our inventory from UltraSlide that offers you a variety of options for different training needs. How to Train Your Endurance with UltraSlide You’re familiar with many of these exercises for endurance training already, but slide boards add a twist that challenges more muscle groups and allows you to build stamina indoors effectively. There are many exercises you can practice on slide boards for various purposes, but integrating these exercises into your routine are sure to help build stamina and endurance.

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  • Speed Skating: Perhaps one of the most specific to slide boards, you can mimic time on the rink on an UltraSlide for speed skating. By repeating the motions and swinging your arms in the same style as a skater would, you can reap the benefits that skating offers to multiple muscle groups. Doing this for long intervals will build your endurance.
  • Alternating Slide Lunges: By quickly sliding and switching between lunges on either side, you can build stamina as well as working your thighs and glutes in this rapid exercise. Slide boards with side bumpers are recommended for this routine, and as always, be careful of straining your knees.
  • Striders: Similar to skating, this exercise requires that you slide from one end of the board to the other by using your upper thighs to move your body and build your leg muscles groups by moving swiftly. Making use of side bumpers allows you to put more pressure on each leg as you move by working against a limit.
  • Lunge Run: An alternate version of Alternating slide lunges, this move asks for rapid movement but requires you to keep your feet on the board at all times. You’ll move your back foot forward every time that you sink down into a lunge to maximize muscle group training.

Best Lateral Trainer Slide Boards for Endurance Training UltraSlide has ample options for you to shop from that accommodate exercises for endurance training. Our slide boards are customizable so that you can add initials, your favorite team colors, or a logo for your own team. You can also order the boards as is to add to your home gym today. These models are especially effective in practicing endurance training exercises.


  • UltraSlide 5: This is the smallest available trainer built by UltraSlide. This model comes free of side bumpers if you aim to primarily practice exercises that do not require them. You’ll be able to take this board wherever you’re going if you need to transport it to your local gym or training elsewhere. You can practice side lunges, push-ups, and more with this compact board.
  • UltraSlide 10: This top of the line model was made for gym use as it was designed with the utmost quality to handle heavy-duty use. This professional model can withstand constant use and is ideal if you’re looking for models to integrate into your gym or as use for multiple people for sports team training and more.

Browse Customizable UltraSlide Slide Boards Today Our inventory of available slide boards will revolutionize your workout routine. Make the most of your endurance training by adding a slide board to your home gym, and browse our UltraSlide slide boards that are perfect for lateral training and more. If you have any questions about how to customize your slide board or which model works best for you, we’d love to talk to you about your options, so don’t be shy about reaching out!

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