How to Take Care of and Store Your Slide Board

Thanks to the high-quality production of all UltraSlide products, our slide boards are built to provide a lifetime of use. Proper care of UltraSlide slide boards helps to maintain their features and ensure the slide boards will last as long as possible. There are actually UltraSlide slide boards produced 25 years ago that are still in use today! By following these maintenance and storage tips, you can keep your UltraSlide in its best condition and enjoy it for many years to come.

Top Care and Maintenance Tips for your Slide Board

  • Maintaining the Slide Surface: Regularly clean the surface of your UltraSlide with Slide Polish to keep it slick.
  • What to Wear on Your Feet and Hands: UltraSlide Slide Slippers and Slide Mitts are specially designed to protect the surface of the slide board during your workouts.
  • Where to Use an UltraSlide: Use your slide board indoors on a clean, dry, flat surface.
  • How to Safely Store Your Slide Board: Keep the slide board in a cool, dry environment and cover it appropriately to protect it from moisture and dust.

Maintaining the Slide Surface

Slide Board Care

Slide Polish

Maintaining the slick, polymer slide surface found on every UltraSlide slide board is important to securing its long-term use and durability. When you use your UltraSlide slide board for the first time, clean the slide surface with a cotton towel and warm water, and treat it with our specially formulated UltraSlide Slide Polish. Regularly (no more than once a week) cleaning the slide surface with slide polish will prevent the slide board from starting to feel sticky and from losing its slick quality.


What to Wear on Your Feet and Hands

Slide Board Exercise

Slide Slippers

Wearing appropriate foot and hand accessories while using an UltraSlide slide board will help to keep the slide surface smooth. UltraSlide Slide Slippers can be worn over any athletic shoe and were designed for optimal use of UltraSlide slide boards. Be sure that athletic shoes worn under the slide slippers are free of any pebbles or other debris that can cause scratches to the surface, and avoid wearing the slide slippers when you’re not on an UltraSlide – this may compromise the slippers’ material and result in slower sliding, possibly even damaging the slide surface.

Slideboard workout

Slide Mitts

For exercises that call for use of your hands on the slide board surface, UltraSlide Slide Mitts are now available. Due to the popularity of UltraSlide users wearing slide slippers over their hands for slide board pushups, stretches, and other movements, Slide Mitts were specifically created to enable full body workouts.



Where to Use an UltraSlide

When deciding where to place your UltraSlide slide board for use, be certain that the flooring where it will be put is clean, dry, and flat, as this is best for the slide board’s non-skid rubber underside. Short carpet and hardwood are ideal, and if it is necessary to place it on cement, putting an area rug beneath the unit will help to prevent its base from shifting during use. Placing the slide board on dusty, dirty, wet, or uneven floor surfaces may cause the slide board to move while using it as well.

How to Safely Store Your Slide Board

Safely Store Your Slide Board

Cover Guard

Keeping your UltraSlide slide board in a clean, dry, temperate room free of moisture and dust is important to maintaining the integrity of its materials. Avoiding placing the slide board in direct sunlight will help to prevent warping of the slide surface as well. The UltraSlide Cover Guard fits all UltraSlide slide boards (except the Octagon) and is meant to protect your slide board while it is not in use. The cover guard also features weighted corners to keep it in place on your slide board.

Though our smaller slide board models (UltraSlide 5 and UltraSlide 6) can easily be stored under a bed or behind a couch, the UltraSlide 8, 8H, and 10 can be leaned against a wall – with the long length of the board on the ground while not in use. The slide boards can also be hung on a wall (given installed hooks are able to securely hold 40-55 pounds), or they can be disassembled between uses.

With proper care and storage of your UltraSlide slide board, you can expect to use it and enjoy its benefits for many years to come. For more information on UltraSlide slide boards and UltraSlide slide board accessories, visit