Introducing the UltraSlide Slideboard: A Powerful Lateral Trainer for Track and Field

Lateral training has been the secret weapon of track and field athletes for decades, and this tried-and-true method has been gaining immense popularity in recent years. Why? Because the lateral training works. Whether you want to improve your strength or boost your conditioning, a lateral trainer for track and field can give you the edge that you need to break through barriers. One of the best tools on the market today is the UltraSlide slideboard lineup. These portable boards can provide everything from isolation exercises to a total body workout, so you don’t have to run to the gym every time you want to work up a sweat. Learn all about the best exercises for track and field, and get one step closer to your goals!

What’s a Lateral Trainer?

When you run from point A to point B, you move forward in a straight line. That’s what we call “linear training.” This involves forward and backward movements. While it makes sense to train in a linear style to maximize your speed, the best athletes know that a well-rounded training approach creates a much stronger performance on the track. That’s why they use lateral training, which focuses on side-to-side movements. As you develop your strength and balance in multiple planes, you become more agile and powerful. That’s why so many athletes trust the lateral trainer for track and field.

But, where to start? If you want to introduce lateral training into your workout routine, check out the UltraSlide slideboard inventory. You can find a variety of options that are sure to fit into any lifestyle:

  • The UltraSlide 5 is perfect for workouts on the go. Not only is this model ultra-portable and effective, but it’s also customizable for that personal touch!
  • The UltraSlide 8 is the best-selling model for its adaptability. The adjustable bumpers allow you to lengthen and shorten the span of the slideboard, so you can fine-tune your performance for any drill.
  • The UltraSlide Octagon is perhaps the most versatile of the slideboard options. Its unique shape allows athletes to train on a 360-degree surface, but you can also configure this lateral trainer into a pair of rectangular slideboards.

How Can Track and Field Athletes Utilize a Lateral Trainer?

Track and field athletes need to develop strength, endurance, and coordination to really excel on the big day. While it’s important to spend time on the track, the slideboard is perfect for additional training sessions at home. This portable tool is easier to store than a bulky treadmill or a set of free weights, but it can accomplish many of the same tasks. Try lunges or squats on a slideboard to target your leg and glute development, or practice your planks for a serious core burn. You can even use a slideboard for endurance drills, like light- and high-intensity interval training.

Not only can you target specific muscle groups and boost your conditioning, but the slideboard has even been used by physical therapists for rehabilitation work. You can work on muscular imbalances by utilizing single-leg movements, like split-squats or bird dogs. This can improve your coordination and explosive power on the track. As you can see, lateral training can transform any athlete with just a little time and dedication.

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Best Lateral Trainer Exercises for Track and Field Athletes

Now that you’re ready to try the lateral trainer for track and field, where should you start? Well, that depends on your goals! Let’s go through a few scenarios as a starting point, and feel free to get creative with your training.

  • Do you need to work on conditioning? Try high-intensity interval training or tabata work. Pick a total-body exercise, like burpees or mountain climbers, and set a timer. Perform as many reps as you can within one minute, and then rest for two. Repeat for ten sets.
  • Need to improve your core strength? Take your favorite ab exercise and perform them on a slideboard for an extra challenge to your stability. Try holding strong in a plank or v-sit position, and concentrate on maintaining a tight core throughout. Set a timer, and try to beat your time by a few seconds every week.
  • Would you like to cross-train to sharpen your skills? Consider slideboard sprints to train your endurance in another plane. Slide from one foot to the other while swinging your arms for momentum. You’ll strengthen your stabilizing muscles for better balance at high speeds.

Find Out More About the UltraSlide Technology

The UltraSlide slideboard is one of best lateral trainer tools for track and field, so why not take a look at our inventory? Whether you want the lightweight UltraSlide 5 or the versatile UltraSlide Octagon, any athlete is sure to find the right match for their performance goals within our lineup. Learn all about UltraSlide to get started, or take a look at our slideboards online!

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