Lateral Squat Exercises with an UltraSlide

Change up your workout routine by modifying simple exercises with the help of a slideboard. Lateral squat exercises are an excellent way to condition various muscle groups at the same time, and you can use the instruction of exercise videos to help guide you through the many versatile lateral exercises available with this one simple tool! Check out the various lateral squats below, and then start shopping for your slideboard!

A Variety of Lateral Squat Exercises

Work your glutes, thighs, and more with the wide variety of lateral squats available to you when you incorporate an UltraSlide into your routine.

  • Lateral Squats: With one foot on the floor and the other on your slideboard, push your glutes backward as you extend the foot that’s on the slideboard outward, simultaneously squatting down and working your upper thigh and glute muscles.
  • Alternating Lateral Squat with Dumbbell: Add a little extra weight by switching a dumbbell between your hands opposite of the leg that you are squatting on while extending your other leg, reaching toward either of the side bumpers. As you come back to center to switch legs, trade the dumbbell to the other hand. You can also perform this exercise without a dumbbell.
  • One-Legged Lateral Squat: Lengthening one leg across the slideboard, focus on bending one knee and pushing your glutes back, making sure your knee doesn’t move in front of your foot.
  • Cossack Style Lateral Squat: In this version of the lateral squat, open up your hips by pushing your arms out in front of you while using the foot that’s on your slideboard to push outward.

Your Custom UltraSlide is Waiting For You!

There’s an UltraSlide model for every gym configuration with our many available sizes. From portable to a 360-degree 8-foot model, you’ll be able to find the right one to practice your lateral exercises with the help of instructional exercise videos. We make our slideboards in the USA from durable materials to last you through many strenuous workouts. If you need help deciding which model is best for you or would like to customize an order, please contact us so we can help you today!