Utilize an UltraSlide Lateral Trainer for Snowboarding Exercises

If you’re looking for a way to energize your snowboarding workouts, UltraSlide slideboards will give you the boost you need. The smooth surface feels just like a fresh layer of snow on an untouched mountain path. Modify your normal snowboarding exercises with an UltraSlide sildeboard, and get ready to feel the difference.

What’s a Lateral Trainer?

What kind of lateral trainer for snowboarding do you need? UltraSlide has a range of different units to cater to your gym space, needs, and budget.

lateral trainer for snowboarding
  • UltraSlide Octagon: With multiple configurations, the Octagon gives you 360 degrees of motion to better simulate a real environment. When you need to, you can adjust the Octagon to make two rectangle boards. If you prefer, order the Octagon in one piece for greater gym space.
  • UltraSlide 10: Perfect for a training or weight room, the 10 is a staple piece for most top NCAA programs. Meant for heavy institutional usage, the 10 is a great way to gain a dynamic workout. Plus, it can be made with your team logo.
  • UltraSlide 8: This best selling model is found in professional team gyms, hospitals, performance training centers, and physical therapy clinics. This handmade option has been a favorite for two decades.
  • UltraSlide 8H: New to UltraSlide, the 8H model has fully adjustable bumpers, a removable slide surface, and a solid baseboard. It’s the perfect size for strong athletes looking for something unique for their home gym.
  • UltraSlide 6: Want a portable option that’s still great for group and circuit work? Made from the same high grade materials as the other models, this unit is perfect for spacious home gyms and on-the-road training.
  • UltraSlide 5: When you don’t need a bumper, this model is the perfect fit. Ideal for traveling set ups, this unit matches well with both in-season and pre-season workouts.

How Snowboarders Can Utilize a Lateral Trainer

You may have heard of lateral trainers in professional team sports, but how do you use a lateral trainer for snowboarding? Here are some ideas:

  • Recovery Training: If you’re recovering from an injury, you’ll probably want to steer clear of impact exercises. The lateral trainer is kinder to your joints, but it’ll certainly get your cardio going.
  • Weather Proof Training: Sometimes, the weather just isn’t right to go out on the slopes. With UltraSlide, you can get in just the right amount of training, no matter the weather.
  • Mix It Up: When you don’t feel like you’re maximizing your workouts, it’s time to change things up. Modifying some exercises for your UltraSlide can help you mix it up.
  • Portable Gear: It’s hard to take a gym with you, unless your equipment is lightweight and foldable. The smaller UltraSlide models are perfect for maintaining your workout regimen while you travel.

Best Lateral Trainer Exercises for Snowboarders

Get in shape for snowboarding with the help of exercises modified for your UltraSlide board:

snowboarding lateral trainer
  • Reverse Lunge: Plant your feet at hip-width and slide your foot back until your thigh is parallel to the floor. For a workout upgrade, add a bicep curl with your lunges.
  • Band Lateral Walking: Place a closed resistance band around your lower legs just above your ankles. With your weight on one foot, pull the opposite foot outwards for a side slide step. Repeat until the end of your board, and then do the same in the opposite direction.
  • Push Up With Lateral Movement: Place your hands on the board. Get into push up position with your feet placed on your board. Do a push up then slide to the side with your left arm and leg. Repeat with right side. This exercise is perfect for the Octagon model.
  • Goblet Lateral Squat: With or without a weight held in the middle of your chest, you should squat with your full weight on your right leg. Allow your left foot to slide outward with your knee straight. Repeat for the opposite side.
  • Double Mountain Climber: In a double mountain climber, you start out in a push up position. Quickly slide both feet up until your knees are outside your elbows. Repeat for your full set.

Improve Your Performance With UltraSlide

When you need a lateral trainer for snowboarding exercises, UltraSlide is ready to surpass your expectations. Take a closer look at our range of products and don’t forget to add a few key accessories.

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