How to Perform a Reverse Sliding Lunge with UltraSlide

While regular lunges give you a great glute and thigh workout, you can ease the popular workout with the use of a slideboard, a great tool for lateral exercises, sports performance, and more. Find out how to perform a reverse sliding lunge on an UltraSlide today while you check out some exercise videos, then shop for the perfect UltraSlide to integrate into your home gym or training facility today to make your workouts more dynamic!

The Reverse Sliding Lunge

This exercise is easiest on UltraSlide models that include side bumpers. To begin, stand up straight at one end of the slideboard with your toes up against the side bumper while you’re wearing your slide slippers. Keeping one leg still and against the bumper, you’ll begin to slide the other leg backward, keeping your heel lifted. Be sure to squeeze your glutes to engage your muscles. Distributing your weight between both feet, you’ll bend your front knee as you slide backward, working your hamstrings, quads, and inner and outer thighs.

Coming back up, you’ll want to squeeze your glutes to assist your back leg in sliding back toward the front leg, eventually aligning the two again. The whole time, you want to make sure you have your abs engaged as well as your shoulders back for the best form.

There are many other exercises that the UltraSlide is an excellent tool, which is why training facilities all over the country make use of our simple and durable design. You can incorporate lateral exercises, modified pushups, skating exercises, and so much more!

Find the Slideboard That Fits Into Your Workout Routine

We offer a variety of slideboards in a number of sizes so that you can evaluate which model works best for your workout setting and expected routines. From youth friendly models to an octagon model that breaks down into two models, we have you covered. UltraSlide slideboards are made right here in the USA, and you can customize your board, too. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help you pick which model is best for you!