Physical Therapy Slideboards

UltraSlide® is a staple in physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, from professional sports teams to private practice clinics to hospitals. Since our inception, many users have benefited from slideboard physical therapy exercises. Sliding on the UltraSlide is a low-impact, closed chain functional exercise that emphasizes the frontal plane movement that is so critical for return to play and activities of daily living. Using the physical therapy slideboards also improves strength, balance, coordination, core strength, and proprioception. Many parts of the body can benefit from slideboard physical therapy exercises.

Specific Benefits by Location:

  • Foot – strengthens plantar and dorsal muscles of the foot
  • Ankle – strengthens the deltoid, anterior talofibular, and calcaneofibular ligaments
  • Knee – recruits both dynamic and static stabilizers. Proven effective for ACL repairs and has become part of many clinics protocol for ACL repair rehabilitation.  Clinically proven effective for PCL, MCL, LCL, meniscus (both medial and lateral), and patellar femoral disorders
  • Core Stabilizers – including the obliques – are activated in all planes of motion to support consistent form and balance
  • Hip – addresses and enhances all hip movements including:
    • ab and adduction
    • internal and external rotation
    • flexion and extension

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