UltraSlide Octagon



Sports are played in 360 degrees of movement, and athletes need to train and condition in that same environment. The UltraSlide Octagon slideboard allows athletes to change direction and use a wide variety of angles as they slide across the surface. The unique, patented design means the bumpers can be reconfigured to create two 8 foot long (and 4 foot wide) lateral slide boards. The two boards can be adjoining so athletes can train together, or separated to have the boards in different parts of your facility. The versatility of the UltraSlide Octagon is limitless, as are the sports whose athletes will benefit from its use.

**If space is at a premium but you still want to have the ability to train multi-directionally, we can create the UltraSlide Octagon slideboard as a “pure” octagon, without the ability to use as two separate 8 foot boards.  This design removes the four corners, thereby allowing more floor space around the unit.


UltraSlide® boards can be customized with the name, logo, and/or colors of a team, institution, or business. The cost of adding a custom logo to an UltraSlide 8 or 10 is a function of the size of the logo, usually ranging from $50 - $150, however the application of most logos costs between $60-80.
You may send us the logo via email in a high resolution file format (.eps vector, .ai, or high resolution .pdf) so that we can provide a proof for your review. Please contact us for more information or a price quote.
Note: UltraSlide boards with professional and NCAA team logos were created at the request of and for use by those organizations and may not be re-created for fans, alumni, or others. Licensing regulations apply.

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Length96 in (243.84 cm)
Adjustment Length--
Width96 in (243.84 cm)
Weight215 lbs (97.52 kg)
Board Material9-ply premium FSC birch plywood with high pressure laminate finish
Board Thickness0.5 in (1.27 cm)
Surface Thickness0.125 in (0.32 cm)
Bumper MaterialReclaimed ash hardwood
Bumper Height2.25 in (5.72 cm)
Non-Slip PadsMade from recycled tires
Suitable UseInstitution
Customizable LogoYes
Slide SlippersIncluded
Slide PolishIncluded