Show Your True Colors: Customize Your UltraSlide®

Custom slideboards can be ordered with the name, logo, and/or colors of a team, institution, or business. The cost of adding a custom logo to an UltraSlide 8 or 10 is a function of the size of the logo, usually ranging from $60 – $150, however the application of most logos costs between $65-100. A personalized slideboard is awesome for professional and collegiate groups and teams.

You may send us the logo via email in a high-resolution file format (.eps vector, .ai, or high resolution .pdf) so that we can provide a proof for your review. Please contact us for more information or a price quote. Our custom slideboards are priced fairly and offer an amazing deal on a unique product.

Note: UltraSlide personalized slideboards with professional and NCAA team logos were created at the request of and for use by those organizations and may not be re-created for fans, alumni, or others. Licensing regulations apply.

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