How Lateral Trainers Can Help You Improve Your Hockey Game

If you’re a hockey player, a lateral trainer slideboard from UltraSlide could be just the thing you need to stay in shape, recover from games and practice, and help you take your game to the next level. Lateral trainers are also perfect for any low-impact physical therapy you may require, and using one is sure to keep you in tip-top shape. Getting the right one for you is almost as easy as using one, and we’d like to help you pick the one that is going to fit your lifestyle.

What is a Lateral Trainer?

Slideboard lateral trainers from UltraSlide are simple pieces of equipment. However, made with the highest-quality material, our slideboards are incredibly durable and versatile. A slick rectangular surface, the slideboard allows you to train your body with lateral movements, and it can be incorporated into upper and lower-body exercises. Train your core and groin while lifting weights, or simply utilize the slideboard to develop balance and flexibility.


  • UltraSlide 5 – We made the UltraSlide 5 from our signature durable materials, but it does lack the bumpers of other models. Perfect for squats and sit-ups, the UltraSlide is smaller than other models, but it’s ideally suited for portability.
  • UltraSlide 6 – Slightly larger than the UltraSlide 5, the 6 features bumpers. We specifically built the 6 for group and circuit use in workout facilities, and we optimized it for cardiovascular exercises and more high-intensity workouts.
  • UltraSlide 10 – The premier UltraSlide, the 10 is wider than other boards, and you can shorten or lengthen it depending on your needs. Utilize the 10 for heavy or institutional workouts and a large variety of activities.
  • UltraSlide Octagon – Octagonally shaped with bumpers on all sides, we designed the UltraSlide Octagon for athletes who want to get on-the-field or on-the-ice training at any time and at any place. The Octagon allows lateral movement in any and all directions.

We constructed all of our slideboards from responsible ingredients, so whatever you choose you’re getting a quality product. You can also customize a slideboard to fit your specific needs or to include your team name.

How Can Lateral Training Help Hockey Players?

Replicating the feel and experience of getting on the ice, lateral training slideboards can help acclimate skaters to the real thing. They assist in building balance, leg muscles, groin muscles, core muscles, and more – all muscle groups hockey players utilized in hockey games. Players can also incorporate slideboard trainers into other workouts – that way skaters can get experience on the ice while engaging in their regular workout routine.

What’s more, lateral trainers are versatile and small. In a way, they enable you to get time on the ice anywhere and from any place. And because the UltraSlide lateral trainers are made with high-quality and durable products, any product of ours will be sure to withstand the hours and hours of training you’ll need to reach your next level.

What Kinds of Exercises Can Hockey Players Use the Lateral Trainers For?

Built for all kinds of athletes and all kinds of health goals, the options available to users of lateral trainers are practically unlimited. There are a number of key moves skaters can learn to make the most of their slideboards.


  • Stretching: To train your flexibility as a goalie, you can use the slideboard to replicate the experience of stretching out to stop the puck from passing you. To do this exercise, all you have to do is rest your knees on the board and slowly let your legs spread apart. Pull them back together before the stretch becomes uncomfortable and to avoid injury – your reps should be set to your confidence level. Steadily build reps and length as you become more flexible and strong.
  • Balance Practice: Train your body to balance on the ice with a slideboard from UltraSlide. Place one foot on the solid ground outside the bumper and your other foot on the board. Try to keep your weight on your hips, and slide your other foot across the board without moving your hips in that direction. When comfortable, switch legs and repeat. This will help you build stability, but it will also stretch your thigh and help build the muscles you’ll need to skate well.
  • Strengthening Your Core: This is similar to the previous exercise, only on your knees. Rest one knee comfortably on the outside of the bumper or on a steady surface you’ve laid over the board, and fully stretch your other leg across the board. Slide that latter foot across the board to a comfortable length, keeping your core straight, and then use your hands to push yourself back up. Repeat, keeping in mind not to return to the comfortable straight position using your outstretched leg.

Find the Right Lateral Trainer for You

If you’re a hockey player who thinks a lateral trainer may be right for you, or if you’d like to learn more about the available UltraSlide boards and exercises they’re perfect for, get in touch with us today! Call us at (847)-480-1366 if you have any questions.

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