UltraSlide Lateral Trainers Help Baseball Players Maximize Their Workouts

Perfect for baseball players who are ready to take their game to the next level, UltraSlide’s line of slideboard lateral trainers simplify and maximize your workout. Durable, portable, and versatile, you can use many slideboards we sell in your chosen workout area – whether that be your gym, basement, or family room – and it can be incorporated into nearly any other exercise routine. And because we built each slideboard with high-quality materials, an UltraSlide board will last through all the hard hours we know you’re going to put in.

What’s a Lateral Trainer?

True to its name, a lateral trainer is a flat surface designed to help you exercise laterally. The sleek surface maximizes the effect on your legs and core while also training your body for balance. Try incorporating the slideboard and lateral training into your normal workout routine as well to see enhanced effects – exercises you can incorporate it into include lifting free weights and going stretches, sit-ups, and squats.

UltraSlide offers a wide range of slideboards for lateral training, all of which a baseball player could find utility for – here’s a selection of these slideboards:

  • UltraSlide 5 Our baseline slideboard, the UltraSlide 5, is smaller than and lacks the bumpers of other models. However, it’s constructed with the same strong materials of our other slideboards, and it’s size and design make it especially portable.
  • UltraSlide 6 We built the UltraSlide 6 specifically for use in workout facilities. A larger model than the 5, we optimized the UltraSlide 6 for cardiovascular exercises and more high-intensity workouts, and it features the same bumpers of larger boards.
  • UltraSlide 10 – The premiere UltraSlide, the 10 is wider than other boards – however, you can shorten or lengthen it depending on your needs. Utilize the 10 for heavy or institutional use – and take pride knowing that facilities in nearly every major sports organization in the United States feature it.
  • UltraSlide Octagon – Octagonally shaped with bumpers on all sides, the UltraSlide Octagon appeals to athletes who want to get that real on-the-field feeling at any time and at an place.
  • Your Own Personal UltraSlide! – Each of the lateral trainers on the UltraSlide line are customizable, and you can personalize any of them with your name, gym name, or team logo.

Why is a Lateral Trainer Ideal for Baseball Players?

Designed specifically to enhance balance, upper leg, and core strength, lateral trainers are the perfect piece of equipment for baseball players. Any number of exercises that are possible on, or only possible with, a lateral trainer can stretch and challenge you, making sure that you have all the strength you need in all the places you need it. What’s more, you can incorporate all of your normal routines into these more specific exercises, and you can lift dumb weights and enhance your core strength and flexibility all at once.

What are the Kinds of Exercises I Can Do on a Lateral Trainer?

You may not be familiar with slideboards and lateral training yet, and that’s okay! As a starting point, here are just a few of the innumerable lateral training exercises you can perform on our slideboards:

  • Slide Training: Using an UltraSlide Octagon, glide across the board wearing a pair of slide slippers. There’s nothing more to it! This exercise helps develop balance and the control necessary to slide into home plate.
  • Side Lunge: Stand at one end of the slide board with your right shoulder perpendicular to the board. Your left foot should be off the board while your right foot remains on it. Slide your right foot down the board, and bend your left knee. Keep your head in the center of your body. This well help strengthen your legs so you can explode out of the batters box or charge between the bases.
  • Single-Leg Mountain Climbers: Start in a push-up position with your hands off the board and your feet on it. Line up your body in the same direction as the board. Bring one leg forward in a dynamic fashion until your knee goes past the edge of the board. Alternate your legs as fast as possible. Keep your core tight and your knees inside your elbows. This will help develop stamina and core strength!

Learn More About Lateral Training Today

If you’re a baseball player, lateral training on our slideboards can enhance your baseball performance and put you ahead of the curve. If you’d like to learn more about the versatility and utility of lateral trainers and slideboards, reach out to UltraSlide for more info today!

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