UltraSlide Lateral Training Slideboards Enhance Your Skiing Performance

Simple, portable, and versatile, UltraSlide’s lateral trainer slideboards help athletes across the country and in numerous facilities maximize their sports performance. Slideboards facilitate exercises oriented around any sport performance, including skiing – whether you ski downhill or cross country.

What is a Lateral Trainer Slideboard?

An UltraSlide lateral trainer slideboard is a very easy-to-use piece of exercise equipment that has been around for two decades. The slideboard is a slick rectangular surface, that, like the name suggests, allows users to slide across it.

In addition to giving skiers a new way to up their performance, the slick slideboard surface can replicate the ice rink for hockey players, quickly moving to pick up ground balls in baseball, or dashing back and forth on a tennis court. These boards vary in size, and some of them include bumpers. Here are a few of the UltraSlide boards available for you!

    Ultraslide board

  • UltraSlide 5: Portable and durable, the UltraSlide 5 is the smallest lateral trainer in the UltraSlide family. It lacks the bumpers of the larger trainers, but it’s made from the same high-quality and long-lasting material. Customize the UltraSlide 5 with your name or team logo, and utilize it for simple low-impact exercises.
  • UltraSlide 6: We specifically designed the UltraSlide 6 for group and circuit use in high-traffic workout facilities. Made entirely from reclaimed materials, the UltraSlide 6 is perfect for strength training or balance enhancement. Like the 5, the 6 is customizable, and you can personalize it with any name, logo, or symbol you’d like!
  • UltraSlide 8: The most popular board to date, the UltraSlide 8 is similar to the 5, but it’s larger and features bumpers, which makes it more versatile. This board in particular is a favorite of professional athletic facilities and physical rehabilitation facilities. Like the other boards, the 8 is customizable as well.
  • UltraSlide 10: The UltraSlide 10, the largest board in the line, has been a staple of heavy-use athletic facilities for years now. It’s highly portable, but it can also stand up to incredible stresses. And, of course, the UltraSlide 10 is also highly customizable.

UltraSlide Lateral Trainers Enable Year-Round Practice

Skiing is a pulse-pounding sport; unfortunately, though, it’s nearly impossible to practice it 24/7. Practicing on the slope is limited to the weather and climate, which may make it difficult for people looking to get in all the practice hours they can.

However, UltraSlide slideboards enable skiing exercise whenever you like. Mimicking the lateral demands placed on the body while skiing, and able to hold powerful turns with stability, our slideboards ensure you can train year-round – even if you’re a skier in a dry climate like the southwest.

Best Lateral Trainer Exercises for Skiers

The limitless possibilities of a Lateral Trainer slideboard from UltraSlide can be intimidating for new users. Here are a couple of exercises you can use on your new slideboard:

    Man on ultraslide

  • Sliding: Yes, the first exercise is as simple as that. Using a board with bumpers, use the muscles in your upper thigh to propel yourself from one end of the board to the other, and then repeat this motion. Keep your knees bent slightly, and move only using the strength of your things. This simple exercise improves your balance and strengthens your leg muscles – both of which enhance your ability to move on the slope. The exercise can be enhanced by holding a medicine ball with your arms right around your core.
  • Half Squats: Wearing a pair of slide slippers to control your traction, simply position yourself in the center of the board so that your arms are parallel to the long edges of the board. Move into a position so that your right knee is nearly at a 90-degree angle and your left leg is extended back. Using your leg muscles and keeping your upper body straight, slide your feet so that the positions of your right and left leg are reversed. Repeat. This exercise is simple and easy, but it gives you the balance and leg strength you need to conquer any slope.

Learn More About Lateral Trainer Slideboards Today at UltraSlide

If you’re a skier interested in taking your skills to the next level, a lateral trainer slideboard from UltraSlide will help you get there. If you have any questions about which of our slideboards is right for you, what other exercises you can perform on a slideboard, or about our UltraSlide story, reach out to us today!

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