• The solid base boards are made from panels that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified, ensuring they come from responsibly-managed forests. Visit for more information.

  • The base board laminate is adhered using water-based, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) glue.

  • The hardwood used on all UltraSlide bumpers comes from “the urban forest,” reclaimed lumber from trees in and around Chicago that were cut down due to disease or storm damage: no new trees were destroyed to make these bumpers!  

    • All bumpers are finished with water-based, low-VOC stain.

  • The molded plastic bumpers on the UltraSlide 6, 7 and 8H are made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • The non-slip rubber under every UltraSlide board is made from 100% recycled tires. Rather than ending up in landfills, old tires are ground up and given a new purpose – in this case to keep your UltraSlide gripping to the floor!

  • Instructions are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

  • Our custom shipping containers are made from 100% recycled corrugated paper and boxes, and all of our packaging is fully recyclable in most municipal recycling programs!

  • And UltraSlide slideboards do not require any electricity!


When you purchase an UltraSlide, you can be certain that you are not only receiving a great product, but helping the environment as well as American companies and workers. Every single component on the UltraSlide is Made In The USA, most within 50 miles of our suburban Chicago manufacturing facility. This helps minimize our carbon footprint.

Read the UltraSlide Greater Intent and Purpose Fact Sheet.

A circular made in the U.S.A. vector decal or stamp

Operational Sustainability

  1. Recycle all unusable corrugated, plastic and paper
  2. Reuse all usable packaging and packing material
  3. Reuse or recycle all shipping pallets
  4. All UPS shipments are sent carbon neutral- at our expense

Being green isn’t just the “responsible” thing to do. It’s a necessity. Varisport, Inc. is committed to doing whatever we can to protect-and respect-the environment. Click on the play button to listen to Barry Slotnick, President of Varisport, Inc./UltraSlide®, explain how on theEntrepreneur Podcast Network.