The UltraSlide 8 vs. the UltraSlide 8H

Which slideboard is right for you?

There’s a reason the UltraSlide 8 is UltraSlide’s best-selling slideboard: with an adjustable length (5, 6, 7, and 8 feet), the highest quality materials, and sustainable production, it has been the top choice of professional and college teams, schools, physical therapy clinics, and training centers since its introduction. However, not all slideboard users who want the adjustable length of the UltraSlide 8 need a slideboard designed for heavy, high-volume use. That’s where the UltraSlide 8H comes in, created with lighter materials for settings with less-frequent use, and with a smaller price tag. This blog post will discuss the primary differences between the UltraSlide 8 and the UltraSlide 8H to help you decide which model is right for your slideboard needs.


Which slide board is right for you

UltraSlide 8H Slideboard

The bumpers on both the UltraSlide 8 and UltraSlide 8H slideboards are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Though each model’s bumpers are built to last, the taller 2.25-inch height of the UltraSlide 8’s bumpers are better suited for high-intensity use, while the UltraSlide 8H’s bumpers are 1.75-inches tall, great for lighter workouts. The UltraSlide 8’s bumpers are made from reclaimed ash hardwood from the Chicago-area’s “urban forest” – trees in and around Chicago that were cut down due to disease or storm damage. This means that NO NEW TREES were destroyed in the production of these bumpers. The UltraSlide 8H’s bumpers are made from molded, 100% recycled plastic.


The slick polymer surface found on both the UltraSlide 8 and the UltraSlide 8H slideboards varies in thickness on each model, resulting in different pricing as well as different levels of durability. The UltraSlide 8H’s surface is 1/16-inch thick, allowing it to roll into a smaller box for shipping as well as a less expensive shipping cost. While the UltraSlide 8H’s surface will last for many years, the thicker 1/8-inch surface on the UltraSlide 8 will better endure frequent, high-volume use and not be prone to cracking or warping, which have occurred (though infrequently) to the 8H surface when put into abnormally-high use and abuse.


Both the UltraSlide 8 and UltraSlide 8H feature a ½ inch folding baseboard, but they are constructed from materials that are intended for different usage intensities. The UltraSlide 8’s baseboard is made from a premium 9-ply laminated birch plywood, ideal for a commercial setting. The UltraSlide 8H’s baseboard is made from economy plywood, another strong option but a baseboard better suited for less-frequent and less-intense use.

UltraSlide 8 Slideboard

UltraSlide 8 Slideboard

While the UltraSlide 8 and UltraSlide 8H slideboards are both great choices for users looking for a quality, sustainably-built slideboard with adjustable lengths, the UltraSlide 8 and the UltraSlide 8H’s varying features make each model ideal for different needs. With taller bumpers, a thicker slide surface, and a premium 9-ply laminated birch plywood baseboard, the UltraSlide 8 is the perfect slideboard for a high daily-use volume in a commercial or team setting. Alternatively, the UltraSlide 8H’s recycled plastic bumpers, thinner surface, and economy plywood baseboard make the 8H a lighter, less-costly unit, great for home use or for light use in environments such as a physical therapy office.

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